Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance Plan

As a full-time undergraduate student, you’re required to have medical health insurance. Students are automatically enrolled through the University’s insurance policy, and are charged a fee of $1,610.00. If you already have outside coverage and would like to opt out of the University’s coverage, you can fill out a waiver through the insurance carrier’s website before September 11 of the current year.

All waivers must be completed before September or you will automatically be charged the insurance fee for the year. The waivers must be completed online, and you will need to provide proof of coverage. You will need to know your date of birth and student ID number.* This number can be found on your billing invoice. Do not use the dash when entering your ID number.

Click here to access the medical health insurance waiver for the upcoming academic year.
(2020-2021 waiver will be available to access July 1)

Please be careful not to confuse this insurance waiver with the proof of insurance that is required for athletes or when moving into a residence hall. Even when you provide proof of insurance in those instances, you will still need to complete the insurance waiver or you will automatically be charged the annual cost of the University’s insurance.

*New students will receive their GMercyU student ID number once they register for their first semester courses.  You will need to register for courses prior to completing the health insurance waiver.  If you have questions or need assistance, please contact your Admissions Counselor or send an email to