Student Government Association

The Gwynedd Mercy University Student Government Association (SGA) sees our mission as one in which we must provide services for the university, the students it represents, and the local communities by using our creativity, integrity, honesty, and enthusiasm. We feel that it is essential to provide a common communication link between the students, faculty, and administration, be a voice for the students as a whole, and inform the students about efforts of the SGA. 

SGA aims to be a diverse organization representing all individuals on campus that wish to have a voice in government. Lastly, we are a support organization for all of the student groups on campus and act as a vehicle of change on behalf of all students.

SGA strives to be accepting of all people, encourage communication, continuously improve ourselves and our community, and create a more unified campus community. With strong leadership qualities and caring hearts, we the SGA, serve the Gwynedd Mercy University community.





Student Government Officers (2020-2021)

Jessica Miller, Vice President
Danielle Brown, Treasurer
Justin Keller, Recording Secretary
Jamie McKnight, Corresponding Secretary

Club Representatives

A club representative is a voting member within SGA, and they report to us what is happening within their club. The clubs listed only represent the clubs that receive a monetary budget through SGA. Club Representatives are appointed by their respective club to be on SGA. Check out their club pages to learn more! We are grateful for our representatives!
Renad Bahabri, Best Buddies
Marie Jhazel De Paz, 0Waste  
Emily Traae, Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA)
Lana Resuello, Student Activities Committee (S@C)
Meghan Chasar, Psychology & Social Services Association (P&SSA)
Nick Hoffman, Student Association of Sciences (SAS)
Nicole Dunn-Johnson, Student Nurses' Association of Pennsylvania (SNAP) 
Olawale Bolaji, Black Student Union (BSU)
William Allen, Black Diamond Club
Victoria Kelly, Dance Team 
Jennifer Snyder, Outreach Club 
Alicia Bennett, Residence Hall Association  
Anneliese Zazyczny, Voices of Gwynedd 

Special Representatives 

A special representative is a voting member within SGA who can raise student concerns, advocate for an important cause, develop leadership abilities, and helps with running SGA events. Special Representatives are appointed by the Executive Council of SGA. We are grateful for our representatives!

Please feel free to contact a representative if you have a concern. Also, you can reach us at

Morgan Dobbeck
Ashley Garcia
Alexis LaMarco 
Shyanne Paez  
Maryleona McCollum-Coffey 



Within SGA, there are four active Committees that help us accomplish our mission. Each committee is made up of the Voting Members of SGA. For more questions about Committees, please email us at

Committee 1: Campus Improvement
Chair: Taylor Weathington
Purpose: The goal of this committee is to address issues that concern the campus well-being for students and community focusing on things such as physical aspects and improvements.

Committee 2: Positivity and Outreach 
Chair: Jamie McKnight
Purpose: The goal of this committee is to make SGA membership more appealing and representative with the purpose of making SGA more widely known on campus.     

Committee 3: Program with a Cause
Chairs: Jessica Miller and Justin Keller
Purpose: The purpose of this committee is to address issues of diversity and the critical concerns of the community through newsletters, topic-focused meetings, diversity training, and guest speakers. This committee organizes events such as the Blood Drive, Dating Violence seminars, QPR training, voter registration tables, and more.

Committee 4: SGA Traditions
Chairs: Taylor Weathington and Danielle Brown
Purpose: This committee is in charge of planning Fall Fest and Griffin Madness. It also plans for homecoming and finds ways to increase school spirit. 


At every SGA meeting, the Recording Secretary takes detailed meeting minutes. In these minutes, you will find updates from our Clubs & Organizations, new concerns, and updates to active concerns we are working on!  Let us know if you have any questions at

SGA Meeting Minutes - September 1, 2020 (PDF)
SGA Meeting Minutes - September 15, 2020 (PDF)
SGA Meeting Minutes - September 29, 2020 (PDF)
SGA Meeting Minutes - October 13, 2020 (PDF)
SGA Meeting Minutes - October 27, 2020 (PDF)
SGA Meeting Minutes - November 10, 2020 (PDF)
SGA Meeting Minutes - January 12, 2021 (PDF)
SGA Meeting Minutes - January 26, 2021 (PDF)
SGA Meeting Minutes - February 9, 2021 (PDF)
SGA Meeting Minutes - February 23, 2021 (PDF)
SGA Meeting Minutes - March 9, 2021 (PDF)
SGA Meeting Minutes - March 23, 2021 (PDF) 
SGA Meeting Minutes - April 6, 2021 (PDF)

SGA News

This section is dedicated to recent news and important concerns related to the GMercyU Community. As always, if you have a concern, please feel free to fill out the Concern Form.


The Student Government Association bi-annually ratifies the SGA Constitution. This a living, breathing document that guides us as student leaders. Please feel free to look over and email us with any questions at

Student Government Association Constitution - Fall 2018 (PDF)

Meeting Dates

The Student Government Association meets on a bi-weekly basis during the Fall & Spring semesters of the academic year. Our meetings are open to all students and members of the GMercyU community. Our meetings are formal in structure but were designed to meet the needs of our fellow students. 

SGA General Members Meetings are energetic, informative, and empathetic. The meeting dates for 2020-2021 Academic Year are:

Tuesday September 1, 2020 Tuesday January 26, 2021
Tuesday September 15, 2020 Tuesday February 9, 2021
Tuesday September 29, 2020 Tuesday February 23, 2021
Tuesday October 13, 2020 Tuesday March 9, 2021
Tuesday October 27, 2020 Tuesday March 23, 2021
Tuesday November 10, 2020 Tuesday April 6, 2021
Tuesday December 8, 2020 Tuesday April 20, 2021
Tuesday January 12, 2021    

All meetings begin at 4:30 p.m. and are held on Zoom! All are welcome. Please come and bring a friend. #yourvoice #yourchoice Questions? Contact us at