Dublin Pilgrimage

A Pilgrimage for Young Mercy Leaders:  Summer, 2018

Pilgrimage Information:

This journey is organized by Mercy International Centre, the original House of Mercy built by Catherine McAuley. College students from all over the world are invited. The heart of the pilgrimage will be a three-day conference (July 31 to August 3) featuring inspirational keynote presentations as well as breakout groups exploring a variety of Mercy themes.  Prior to the conference, the Gwynedd Mercy University group will travel through Northern Ireland, learning about “The Troubles” and the ensuing Peace Process. Through presentation, discussion, reflection and prayer, students will engage the history and charism of Mercy, and return to ordinary life better equipped to be distinctive Mercy leaders in our university and in our world.  We are seeking participants who are broadly representative of GMercyU at its best:  students of good character who are passionate about Mercy, and who can well-represent our various schools, student organizations, athletic teams, etc.  Because the University will be investing much in these students, they will be “giving back” upon return, helping to connect other students with the mission of Mercy during the 2018-19 academic year.  

Student Cost:

The cost of the Pilgrimage is almost $3,000 per student, covered through a combination of student contribution, joint fundraising, and University and grant support.  Students are responsible for covering their airfare and for wholeheartedly supporting team fundraising efforts.

Application Timeline:

Applications (PDF) are due by November 6, 2017, and include a faculty recommendation.   Please download an application and follow the directions closely.  All pilgrims will be notified of their acceptance by Christmas Break.


Pilgrimage 2016
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August 6:  The Pilgrims Have Landed

August 10:  Pilgrims Explore Emerald Isle

August 11:  Pilgrims Take Over Mercy International Centre


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Dublin Pilgrimage 2011

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