Griffin Student Leadership Institute

The Griffin Student Leadership Institute (GSLI) is a comprehensive program for students looking to craft your leadership skills. Whether you're an incoming first-year student who would like to start developing a foundation in leadership or a senior who wants to partner with a professional mentor, GSLI has the resources for you.

GSLI's Three Levels of Leadership Certification:


Emerging Leaders Certification

Directed to both current and incoming students, the Emerging Leaders Certification provides a foundation in leadership and the skills necessary to apply leadership in a socially conscious college environment.

Evolving Leaders Certification

Expand your own personal leadership skills and integrate them into our ever-growing global society. Learn about how the world "works" (and sometimes doesn't) and the global issues that leaders are facing today.This program utilizes World 101 to foster civic engagement, give an overview of "the current state of the world,"and help students synthesize how it affects their lives and careers.

Exceptional Leaders Certification

Designed for students with extensive leadership skills or who have taken part in one of the two prior certifications, this program brings your college leadership experience into the context of your career and society as a whole. You will explore leadership issues connected to both service and social responsibility as well as learn how to apply your skills and knowledge as it relates both personally and professionally. As an Exceptional Leader, you will be partnered with a professional leader or mentor in your field of study.


Leader is a word that embraces numerous qualities. GSLI helped me to identify and strengthen the leadership qualities I possess. All of us have opportunities to fill a leadership role at some point, if not each day, of our lives. 

– Megan Gifford ‘16

Griffin Leadership Journals

Read about the experiences of student leaders and their mentors in the Griffin Leadership Journal.

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How to Apply

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