GMercyU Seniors Debut The Griffin Nation Podcast

February 1, 2021
Jordan Perkins (left) and Justin Collins (right) Photos taken by Lisa Marie Turtle

By: Shawn DeSantis
Shawn DeSantis is a Senior in GMercyU's Digital Communications program. Learn more about Shawn's GMercyU Experience

The Griffin Nation Podcast has brought the Gwynedd Mercy University community together thanks to GMercyU Seniors Justin Collins and Jordan Perkins. The two friends collaborated on this project to start conversation, expand their social media marketing skills, and bring the community together.

It all started when Jordan had an idea to venture out and explore the world of podcasting along with his buddy Justin. After being noticed by Director of Undergraduate Admissions Alex Sperrazza, The Griffin Nation Podcast was born.

GMercyU now has a digital outlet for incoming students, alum, and all members of the GMercyU Community to learn more about our campus and the people connected to it – especially during this time when we aren’t able to be together.

Justin and Jordan have looked at the silver lining throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. After campus shutdown in Spring 2020, the two noticed an extreme boost of interest in the podcast. The duo believes GMercyU students took an interest in tuning in when their classes went virtual. 

“Even though we can’t go out anywhere, we can interact online and have digital platforms,” Justin said.

Justin and Jordan have big plans to interview a variety of people from the GMercyU Community. They have already had great conversations with students and professors and were honored to have the opportunity to interview President Deanne H. D’Emilio, JD not too long after the introduction of the podcast. This interview was a great kickstart to the podcast and a favorite by many.

The theme of Mercy has been one of the main topics as well as Social Justice, which has sparked great engagement in past interviews, as well as themes from The Five Critical Concerns of Mercy.  

As for the future of the podcast, Justin and Jordan would love to pass on their project after they graduate this Spring.

“GMercyU needs something like this, it bridges the gap between the students and the professors,” Jordan said. 

Justin agrees that the podcast has brought professors and students together through the idea of mercy and acceptance.  

“Mercy mean acceptance and respecting another," Justin said. "On the podcast we promote acceptance by giving students a different way of looking at professors.”

Listen and subscribe to The Griffin Nation Podcast here.  Stay up-to-date with Justin or Jordan through the official Griffin Nation Podcast Instagram page @griffinnation_.