Accounting Professor Shares Expertise on WalletHub

August 16, 2019
GMercyU Accounting Professor Carlo Silvesti

Prior to joining GMercyU, Assistant Professor of Accounting Carlo Silvesti, CPA, CGMA, MBA spent 35 years as a financial officer and is seen as an expert in the field. 

He is still heavily involved in the accounting community and is an active member of the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA). 

Aside from sharing his knowledge and connections with GMercyU's Accounting students, Professor Silvesti is often called on to share his expertise with media outlets, most recently for WalletHub. In this latest piece, Profesor Silvesti shares how credit cards affect the health of the economy and best practices on credit card use. 

"While I admire the individual who wishes to pay cash, and not use a credit card, I would tell them that this is becoming harder to do," Professor Silvesti writes. 

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