GMercyU Education Students Participate in HR-Led Interviews

Education EventGMercyU hosted the Spring Ford Area School District Human Resource (HR) Director Elizabeth Leiss and Assistant HR Director Sydney Wiesner during the Student Teaching Seminar class on Monday, February 5.

The seminar, taught by Dr. Cheryl Malfi, consists of 14 Education students who gained interview experience with Leiss and learned about how to prepare for the interview and hiring process with Wiesner.

The guests shared tips and trips about the application process and the interview process. Students also had the opportunity for their resumes to be reviewed.

Addressing the Teacher Shortage

“Getting out and meeting with the students allows us time to support the students prepared to enter the workforce. We can provide real feedback to the students to help them feel more prepared for the interview. We are also able to ask some of the burning questions that they may have that they just don’t know who to ask. This also helps us get to the future educators prior to them applying to jobs,” Wiesner said.

To further address the teacher shortage, Wiesner and Leiss shared five qualities that every future teacher should possess:
• Compassion and empathy for students
• An excitement to help students grow and learn
• A desire to continue to grow professionally
• Knowledgeable in their content areas
• Passion for the profession

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