Memorial Dedicated to Gun Violence Victims

GMercyU MemorialGMercyU’s Mission and Values Committee partnered with Heeding God’s Call to End Gun Violence, a non-profit organization, to create a memorial dedicated to individuals who lost their lives to gun violence.

The organization calls these displays Memorials to the Lost. GMercyU’s memorial is located in front of the Bell Tower and features the names of the victims on t-shirts with the date in which they were tragically killed in Philadelphia, Pa.

The memorial is in congruence with GMercyU’s 2022-2023 theme of “United in Mercy: Let Nonviolence Begin with Me.”

The first Memorial to the Lost was displayed in January 2013 on Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend in Chestnut Hill, Pa. Heeding’s intent is to spread awareness of the impact that gun violence has on families and communities. Memorials to the Lost are now spread across Philadelphia’s surrounding counties, Washington, D.C., Harrisburg, Pa., Southern, NJ, and more.

GMercyU’s Memorial to the Lost will be on display until October 1 as part of the Mercy Week tradition.
For more information about Heeding, please visit their website.