Josh Stern Shares Expertise with Your Teen Media

Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students Josh Stern shared his expertise on how to be an effective advocate for college-bound teens with Your Teen Media in a live Facebook session. As the parent of college-aged children, Josh offers advice to other parents based on his own experience as a father and a 25-year professional in higher education. A few of his tips include establishing a communication plan, promoting campus engagement, and trusting your gut.

“I always tell students and parents that my most important role as Dean of Students is really to be a student advocate. We want to make sure that all of our students are having the absolute best academic and co-curricular experiences. We take so seriously the trust that parents and families put in us, to guide and educate their students. It really is an honor,” Josh said.

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Josh was also featured in BucksCo/MontCo Today, where he offered his expertise to both students and parents/guardians.