GMercyU’s Counseling Services to Launch New Mental Health Platforms

Counseling Services at GMercyU is launching two mental health platforms in Fall 2022. This initiative is the result of the 2021-2022 Counseling Services end-of-the-year survey.

The results of the survey indicated that 40% of students reported the desire for faculty and staff to have more training; approximately 20% of students reported wanting training for themselves; 55% of faculty and staff members indicated that they would like more training; and 33% of faculty and staff members reported that they feel student groups should receive more training.

YOU @ GMercyU is a personalized and confidential wellness platform that is available to students 24/7. It’s based on three pillars: thrive, succeed, and matter. The platform contains more than 2,500 resources that are personalized to each student based on self-reported information, assessment tools, and indicated interest areas. Resources include articles, websites, videos, and more. YOU @ GMercyU also promotes awareness for campus, community, and crisis resources.

Kognito is the second platform that GMercyU’s Counseling Services is launching. Kognito is an interactive virtual training platform utilized for assessing at-risk mental health concerns within the student population. The platform is available in two versions, one for students and one for faculty and staff members. Its role-playing simulations help boost confidence for those having difficult conversions related to mental health issues. Kognito is meant to reduce the stigma around mental health and improve the number of people who seek help. The platform is voluntary and designed to be completed at any pace.

GMercyU’s Counseling Services will continue to provide mental health training to the campus community with greater flexibility. Learn more.