Adjunct CIS Professor Published New Book

GMercyU Computer Information Science Adjunct Professor Dina Abudaih recently published a book titled Journessons – Self-Discovery Through Simple Guidance.

The book’s main focus is self-development and empowerment through self-awareness, and is an interactive five module course. Each module builds on the previous module, with a strategically simple and straightforward layout. Readers are provided with the knowledge and activities needed to meet course objectives without monotonous and lengthy explanations.

“This course was created to benefit all learners by strengthening their personal development skills leading to enhanced capabilities and potential,” Professor Abudaih said.

Professor Abudaih’s inspiration for the book stems from her years of teaching, where she found a common theme amongst her students: lack of self-awareness. Self-awareness is a characteristic crucial to an individual’s professional and personal life. She provides readers with a simple guide to help them learn more about themselves with the objective of fulfilling goals that align with the individual.

For Professor Abudaih, having her book published has given her the opportunity to establish herself as a professional dedicated to helping others learn more about themselves, leading them to personally grow and live rewarding and fulfilling lives.

“The book is congruent with my values and mission to be a source of empowerment to others and a caring educator,” Professor Abudaih said.

The book is available in three formats on Amazon: Kindle eBook, paperback, and hardback.