Dr. Jennifer Wade Selected to Attend the Seminar on Teaching Interfaith Understanding

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies Dr. Jennifer Wade has been nominated by Vice President Mary Van Brunt and by Campus Ministry to represent GMercyU at the seminar on Teaching Interfaith Understanding. The seminar is presented by The Council of Independet Colleges (CIC) and Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) and selects 25 professors from a large national applicant pool to attend the seminar.

"I am very happy that GMercyU administrators nominated me to participate in this seminar. Their support shows their commitment to researched models that will increase our diversity on the ground at GMercyU. That means a lot to me because diversity makes more community members see their own stories lifted up on campus. And those stories make space for authentic connections and for critical thinking," Dr. Wade said.

The seminar is being suppoted by a grant from Lilly Endownment Inc. Teaching Interfaith Understanding is designed to broaden the knowledge and perspectives of faculty. The purpose is to help faculty integrate interfaith perspectives across campus life and across the curriculum.

Dr. Wade expressed that she is most looking forward to returning with new models to integate learning into GMercyU's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts.

"I am excited to find the most effective ways that campuses like our have been working to increase religious diversity. As a researcher, I love to hear about what works and to bring that back to our community. I hope this national seminar will be an opportunity to do that," Dr. Wade said.

The seminar on Teaching Interfaith Understanding is set to take place in June in Chicago, IL.