Dr. Tiffany Cresswell-Yeager Receives the NASPA Faculty Council Service Award

Assistant Professor of Higher Education Leadership Dr. Tiffany Cresswell-Yeager was nominated for the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) Faculty Council Service Award. The Faculty Council Service Award is awarded to an individual in recognition of their commitment to the advancement of the Faculty Council or the Faculty/scholarly initiatives with NASPA. The recipient must serve the community of higher education and student affairs, and be involved in the development of faculty and graduate preparation programs.

"I am humbled to be honored by my colleagues for my service to the NASPA Faculty Council. My NASPA faculty colleages have provided me with the space to grow within my role as a faculty member in the educational leadership doctoral program at GMercyU. I appreciate the opportunity to serve this organization and the great work ti is doing to support and encourage faculty in higher education," Dr. Cresswell-Yeager said.

On Monday March 21st, Dr. Cresswell-Yeager was presented her award at the Faculty Institute.

"It was great to spend time with and learn from my outstanding higher education colleagues during the NASPA Annual Conference in Baltimore this week. We had the opportunity to discuss many of the challenges facing higher education today and seek solutions to enhance student success," said Dr. Cresswell-Yeager.

Joining the NASPA

Dr. Cresswell-Yeager joined the NASPA when she became a faculty member at GMercyU. She had a profound interest in finding a professional organization that would keep her connected wth the current practices and resources that help advocate for student success. More specifically, she was also looking for an organization committed to social justice and inclusion. Dr. Cresswell-Yeager sought to find mentos within higher education to collaorate on teaching, learning, and scholarship.

Involvement on NASPA Faculty Council

During her time on the NASPA Faculty Council, Dr. Cresswell-Yeager has proved to be instrumental in leading the Professional Development Series and Faculty Mentoring Program. The Professional Development Series has been important throughout the pandemic, as it's given higher education graduate faculty the opportunity to collaborate with one another during uncertain times.

The Faculty Mentoring Program has served the purpose of connecting new faculty with seasoned faculty by providng monthly prompts to encourage discussion. These two initiatives are just the beinning of Dr. Cresswell-Yeager's dedication and service to NASPA that has led her to receive this award.

In addition to these to initiatives, she has also been supportive of numerous NASPA initiatives including the creation of spaces where faculty have time to connect, breathe, and reflect at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Cresswell-Yeager not only dedicates her time on the NASPA Faculty Council, but also serves as the Region II Faculty Representative and is a member of the Region II Advisory Board. Last year, she earned the 2021 Outstanding Service Award for her involvement in the NASPA Socioeconomic and Class Issues Knowledge Community.

Incorporating the NASPA Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan into the Classroom

Dr. Cresswell-Yeager believes the vision of the NASPA aligns closely with her teaching strategy within the doctoral program here at GMercyU. She wishes to promote evidence-based, student-centered practices through higher education, both nationally and globally.

As a member of the NASPA, Dr. Cresswell-Yeager has gained access to her colleagues, resources, and insight necessary to help her students apply classroom concepts to their career upon graduation. "NASPA's strategic plan focus areas also align with GMercyU's core values, allowing opportunities for additional professional development and resource sharing for our students," said Dr. Cresswell-Yeager.