Michelle McEliece, PhD, Discusses the Job Market for Biology Grads

The past year has disrupted the job market, creating both challenges and opportunities for job seekers in various industries.

Dr. Michelle McEliece, Associate Professor of Biology at GMercyU, spoke to Zippia.com, a career website, on what young biology graduates can expect from the job market of today and how they can prepare, including the technology that Dr. McEliece feels will soon become more prevalent.

"I see several things becoming increasingly crucial in the next three to five years: The new technologies surrounding gene manipulation/editing will be a research focus because it is unique in this area. Bioinformatics and the management of large data sets will only increase. Some level of familiarity with technology, computer programs, etc. will benefit, especially for graduates entering the biotech industry," said Dr. McEliece.

"There will also be a stronger push towards environmentally-friendly processes in research, development, and manufacturing in the industry," she added.

She also shared what experience sets Biology graduates apart to future employers.

"I think that what stands out on resumes is hands-on experience. Being able to demonstrate lab skills shows employers the techniques with which you already have some level of familiarity, and it also shows that you know how to navigate in a lab," said Dr. McEliece, whose research-intensive Biology program at GMercyU features lab components in almost every required course.

"If a student has conducted a research experience (or more than one), that demonstrates this to an even greater degree, as it implies they could follow a course of investigation instead of merely learning a technique in a laboratory course," she said.

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