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Alumni Board

Welcome to GMercyU's Alumni Association page! As a graduate of the University, you're part of a large network of more than 21,000 Distinctive Mercy Graduates. Here, you'll find information on what it means to be part of the Association, those who make up the current Alumni Board membership and information on meetings.

If you'd like to get involved or would like more information about the Association, let us know in an email to

Board Members
Meeting Dates
Board Outreach

Board Members

Our board members are committed alumni who are dedicated to the success of GMercyU. The Board has 18 members who are elected to serve a two-year term. All board members serve on subcommittees that service various areas of the University and alumni community. Each board member is eligible to serve up to 3 consecutive terms. Check out the alumni serving on the Alumni Association Board:

Haifa Tyler, MA, PMP '95, President
Why she serves: I decided to join the Board to be of service to and be a representative of an institution built on faith, mercy, good-will, peace, kindness and being global stewards and diplomats to humankind. With the collective contributions of the invaluable professional expertise of our Alumni Board, my sincere wish is to optimize pay forward opportunities in inspiring and developing our student leaders. The hope is this will allow our student leaders to be aware of the alumni association and become active members after they graduate.

Thomas Froman '95, Vice President Elect
Why he serves: After spending years working as a professional In the Information Technology industry, I wanted to give back and help others become successful. I believe that having the opportunity to serve on the Alumni Board will give me the chance to have a positive influence on current students and other alumni.

Jennifer Hobbs '07, Vice President
Why she serves: I love everything that Gwynedd Mercy University embodies. Serving on the Board is my pleasure to share my wonderful experiences from when I was a student with alumni, current students, & prospective students. While serving on the board, I hope to encourage all alumni, current and prospective students to attend our awesome events so that they can enjoy all that Gwynedd has to offer!

Roberta Ann Marziani ‘73, Secretary
Why she serves: I want to give something back to Gwynedd Mercy University & to contribute in some way to the continued growth of the University.

Kara Brown ‘18
Why she serves: During my time as a student and an employee at Gwynedd, I learned a lot professionally and personally. Additionally, as a result of the mission and values of Gwynedd Mercy University my faith grew stronger, and I was able to see the many benefits that Gywnedd has to offer its students. As a result, I wanted to find a way to stay connected and give back to the institution that gave me so much, and joining the Alumni Board was the perfect opportunity to do that. 

Kathleen Carroll '15
Why she serves: I joined the Alumni board because I wanted to give back to Gwynedd Mercy University. I loved my years in college and I wanted to continue to be an active part of the Gwynedd community.

Geoffrey Felsher ‘09
Why he serves: To help the University on the mission to prepare students for the steps needed in their transition out of college. 

Lesley Greene '16
Why she serves: Taking part in the process of developing events, programs and activities to better support the students and university as a whole is a blessing and very fulfilling.  Especially when you see the fruit of your labor/efforts made manifest. My other motivation for joining the Board was to building new relationships with a diverse group of people, thereby forcing me out of my comfort zone, which in turn, in my opinion is a great opportunity for personal growth. 

Christina Gresh ‘04, ‘06 
Why she serves: I wanted to give back to GMercyU for the great education I received there!

Nicola Harris-Moten '13, '15, '17
Why she serves: I want to give back to the University that gave me so much. With my new skills I will be able to explore a greater expanse of opportunities. Community outreach, as well as an education initiative.

Donna Hartman '78
Why she serves: It is my sincere pleasure to be on the Gwynedd Mercy University alumni board. I hope to be able to provide students with the opportunity to learn about and discover the world while they are embarking on their educational journeys. I challenge the student body to discover ways to positively impact their communities and find ways to give back through grace and mercy.

Angela Jackson-Case ‘03
Why she serves: To help enhance and create better opportunities in higher learning in the lives of future students and Alumni of Gwynedd Mercy University.

Alexandra Jabara Johnston '15
Why she serves: I look forward to serving on the Alumni Board because I feel that Gwynedd Mercy University has given me so much and I want to help give something back. I feel it is important to keep our community strong even after graduation because our mercy message extends far past being a university. I hope to assist individuals in becoming more connected through our alumni programming and to keep growing our already vast community!

Toni L. Johnson '13, '15
Why she serves: My interest in serving on the GMercyU board is to give back! During my time at GMercyU there were many individuals who invested time in my success and it is my hope that I am able to do that for future GMercyU students as well.

Lara La Sala '08
Why she serves: To support and serve the Gwynedd Mercy University community.

Charmaine R. Maddrey-Smith '08, '10, '15
Why she serves: I joined the Board to showcase my growth as an individual and to use that growth to promote and encourage others. Gwynedd Mercy University was not my first or second college experience yet I am now an Alum of GMercyU. I am proud to have completed my studies at GMercyU and am on the Board as a way to pay it forward. In support of the mission and vision of the institution, I want to share my scholastic, personal, and professional experiences to promote GMercyU to others.

Diane McCarthy ‘16
Why she serves:  I am happy to give back to the University that has given so much to me. I love being part of a team of Distinctive Mercy Graduates that continues to learn and grow through these special relationships and the opportunities we constantly seek out.

Marla Wormley ‘18
Why she serves: To give insight and a fresh perspective from an online student in the doctoral program 

Meeting Dates

The Alumni Board meets five times a year and works toward supporting GMercyU’s students as well as facilitating meaningful connections with alumni post-graduation.

The remaining meeting dates for the 2018-2019 fiscal year are:

  • January 7, 2019
  • March 4, 2019
  • May 20, 2019

Board Outreach

The Alumni Board serves GMercyU in many ways. Check out how we’ve helped our alma mater recently:

  • Sponsored Student Business Center
  • Sponsored graduate nursing Peru trip
  • Sponsored undergrad Dublin trip (ongoing)
  • Sponsored books for Griffin Student Leadership Institute
  • Sponsored annual scholarship Golf Outing, supporting student scholarships (ongoing)
  • Sponsored chair snacks for graduating seniors at Commencement (ongoing)
  • Sponsor rentals for Alternative Spring Break (ASB) Bingo


  • Staff mock interviews (Career Development)
  • Participate in Christmas wrapping for Mercy Neighborhood Ministries
  • Donate/collect gift cards and baskets for ASB Bingo
  • Volunteer to help students robe at Commencement
  • Presence at orientation/move-in day
  • Welcome from Alumni Assoc. at Orientation
  • Presence at Graduate Finale
  • Board members/volunteers speak at Student Government Association (SGA) meetings
  • Attend the School of Graduate and Professional Studies cohort ending classes and provide materials and treats to our newest graduates entering into the Alumni Association


Download the full copy of the Gwynedd Mercy University Alumni Association bylaws (PDF). The bylaws were updated and adopted in 2015 and are the guidelines for governance of the Alumni Association and Alumni Board membership.

Be sure to check out the subcommittees, as all “active” members of the Association are able to volunteer on a committee, separate from being a Board member.