Fall 2020 Information

Fall 2020 Information for Faculty and Staff

Return-to-Work Plan
Building Access Sign-Up Lists
Stay-at-Home Policy
Covid-19 Exposure
Community Online Trainings
Campus Sanitation Process

Return-to-Work Plan

We look forward to welcoming facuty and staff back to campus in a phased approach over the summer and into the fall.  As members of our caring community, all faculty and staff will be expected to abide by the University's on-campus health and safety requirements.

The following details will provide some clarity and address some general questions; more information will be shared on the University portal in the coming weeks.

  • Week of June 1 - Plant Services Department Returned to campus
  • Week of June 15 - Custodial Services Returned to campus
  • Week of June 15 - Staff and Faculty – Limited Building access for individual visits
  • Week of June 29 - Summer II Session begins
  • Week of July 6 - Summer II Hybrid On-Ground Instruction begins (select classes), Faculty / Staff Return-to-Campus 25 % on campus and 75% work remote plan implemented

Gwynedd Mercy University’s Return-to-Campus Plan is structured to allow faculty and staff to return to campus with a predetermined 25% department hybrid schedule. This means that initially only 25% of each department will return to campus at any given time. Working from home is encouraged if possible, across all departments. Individuals returning to campus for work should be based on the need for business continuity. The plan must remain flexible to adapt to any changes required by new federal or state regulations, and to continue observing best-practice CDC recommendations. Any additional or changing information will be provided in a future update. All Staff and Faculty should speak to their department supervisors to discuss their return to campus schedule.

Supervisors and directors will be provided with information outlining best-practices for managing and maintaining health and safety in their areas. They will be responsible for training their staff in on-campus health and safety requirements.

Employees who may have a concern about returning to on-campus work are encouraged to contact Human Resources directly. Human Resources has a protocol/process in place for employees who are experiencing an impact from COVID-19 and will review each concern individually, using the University’s Return-to-Work policy, which you can access on the portal.

Building Access Sign-Ups Lists

To ensure physical distancing within buildings, please click on the links below to sign up.

Admissions House
Art Center
Assumption Hall
Bensalem Campus
Campbell Solution Center
Connelly Faculty Center
Fatima/Mercy Hall
Griffin Complex
Keiss Library
Loyola/St. Brigid Halls
Maguire Hall
Public Ledger Building
Rotelle Lounge
Siena Hall
University Hall 1st Floor
University Hall 2nd Floor
Visitation House

Stay-At-Home Policy

Please do NOT come to work if you are not feeling well. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that sick employees stay home if they are sick with flu-like illness until at least 48 hours after they are free of fever (100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or 38 degrees Celsius) or signs of a fever (chills, feeling very warm, have a flushed appearance, or sweating). This assessment should be made without the use of fever-reducing medicines (any medicine that contains ibuprofen or acetaminophen).

Covid-19 Exposure

Any employee who has received a positive reporting of COVID-19 or possible exposure to COVID-19 is not to report to campus and should contact their supervisor and the Human Resources Department immediately at 215-646-7300 x21562.


Faculty or staff members who have traveled by air within 14 days of a planned return to campus must comply with one of the following:

1) Get COVID-19 tested at least 7 days prior to their campus return. Results of testing must be forwarded to Human Resources prior to the planned date of their return.

2) Quarantine for 14 days at home after consulting with their departmental supervisor and Human Resources. This option will not require testing but since it may delay your planned return to campus, it must be approved by your supervisor.

With very few exceptions for university recruiting and possibly athletic competition, all University-sponsored travel will be restricted for the duration of the fall semester.

Community Online Trainings

To assist employees, we will be implementing several online trainings covering Coronavirus Awareness, Hazard Communication Standard (Hazcom), CDC Guidelines for making and using cloth face masks, and Cleaning and Disinfecting Workplace.

Campus Sanitization Process

In alignment with public health recommendations, the Office of Environmental Safety, in conjunction with Plant Services and Housekeeping has developed enhanced cleaning and disinfection procedures to follow during the COVID-19 public health situation.

  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection for prevention
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection after notification of a confirmed case of COVID-19

While we understand these details may not answer every unique question, they are meant to provide a fundamental understanding of Gwynedd Mercy University’s approach to incrementally welcoming Faculty and Staff back to the workplace.