Meet Michael Henry

History, 2012

Current Position: Physician Assistant at Chester County Hospital's Emergency Department

After my first visit to GMercyU, I knew it was the place for me. The rich academic reputation, beautiful campus, and the smaller school all played an influence in my decision. I always felt as if I would be lost at one of the giant universities and that I would just be a "number." GMercyU really is a place that everyone knows at least your face if not your name.

The sense of community and family at GMercyU is something that I felt was different when compared to any of the other schools I visited. Again, the overall size might have something to do with this, but I feel that the core principles that the school represents shows through every staff member, teacher, administrator, and coach which make GMercyU a truly homey and inviting place to be.

GMercyU Experience

While at GMercyU, I was a member of the SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Committee). The committee consisted of members of the different athletic teams. We act as a voice from the student athletes to the school administration to address different issues. We also planned fundraising events for donations to organizations such as the Sunshine Foundation.

A couple of professors stood out during my time at GMercyU. In addition to being a fantastic teacher, Dr. Michelle Kulp McEliece gave me guidance on my career path when I needed it most. I can honestly say that I do not believe I would be in the position that I am in today if it was not for her help.

Dr. Wayne Huss is one of the best, most interesting, and challenging professors I have ever had. He demanded that your work to the best of your ability and was unwilling to dilute his methods, which only forced you to become a better student and person.

Life as a Student-Athlete

Playing on the lacrosse team taught me self-accountability and how to be an effective member of a team. My coach, Dana Lindstom, put such an emphasis on academics that we were not only expected to perform to the best of our abilities on the field, but in the classroom as well. This forced you to learn exceptional time management skills.

Additionally, playing on the lacrosse team teaches/shows that you need to have a high level of integrity as you represent your institution every time you are playing against another team or when people see you in the community.

Post Graduation

After graduation I made a decision that I wanted to become a physician assistant (PA), but still needed to finish some prerequisite courses before I would be able to apply. I took these additional prerequisite courses at GMercyU, and the last few at other institutions in the area. I applied to PA school in 2013 and was accepted to the PA program at Long Island University-Brooklyn campus starting in the fall of 2014.

After 28 challenging months, I graduated from PA school in November 2016. Throughout my training, I realized that emergency medicine was where I belonged. In order to better myself, and ultimately be able to provide better care for my patients, I applied to and was accepted into an optional Physician Assistant Emergency Medicine Residency at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia in Summer 2017.

Through this program, we underwent the same education and training as the doctor residents (including the brutal hours and work schedule), but for only about half of the duration. After 18 months, I graduated from the residency in January 2019 and have since been happily working at Chester County Hospital's Emergency Department in West Chester, PA.

I also met my wife, Danielle Delbonifro at GMercyU. Danielle graduated from GMercyU’s Nursing program in 2012 and now works at the Emergency Department at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.