Online MBA Certificate Programs

Advancing Your Career with a Graduate Business Certificate

Gwynedd Mercy University is here to help you shine in your career with our graduate business certificate program. An MBA certificate provides you with advantageous specialized knowledge that can make you more effective in the workplace and more valuable to your employer or future employer.

The GMercyU Difference

Designed for mid-career professionals, our 12-credit online MBA certificate programs offer you an opportunity to earn a specialization in Strategic Management, Health Care Administration, Leadership, or Leadership Transportation.

Whether you hold a bachelor’s degree or an MBA, these graduate-level programs can make you a more insightful, capable, and compelling professional. So, standing out in your career can be as simple as adding an MBA certificate to your resume.

Graduate Business Certificates Program Curriculum

Our MBA certificate programs are only four courses long and each course is offered in seven-week blocks. Best of all, with these online MBA certificate courses, you have the flexibility to earn your business certificate while still having time for your family, friends, and job.

Graduate Certificate in Strategic Management

This MBA certificate is designed to give managers the skills to effectively develop and implement a competitive strategic plan. The certificate focuses on the key disciplines that impact an organization’s strategic advantage.


  • MBA 610: Strategic Management - 3 credits
  • MBA 620: Accounting for Decision Makers - 3 credits
  • MBA 630: Marketing Planning - 3 credits
  • MBA 650: Managerial Finance - 3 credits

Graduate Certificate in Health Care Administration

The certificate in Health Care Administration will help professionals gain the skills to meet the challenges of today's health care systems while pursuing innovative solutions for tomorrow.


  • MBA 610: Strategic Management - 3 credits
  • MBA 730: Health care Budgeting, Planning & Finance - 3 credits
  • MBA 740: Managing Health care Delivery Systems - 3 credits
  • MBA 750: Health care Information Systems - 3 credits

Graduate Certificate in Leadership

Leaders drive the growth and strength of an organization. This certificate is designed to refine leadership skills for managers, supervisors, and future executives.


  • MBA 600: Ethical Decision Making and Corporate Social Responsibility - 3 credits
  • MBA 700: Organizational Leadership - 3 credits
  • MBA 710: Global Management - 3 credits
  • MBA 720: Managing Human Capital - 3 credits

Graduate Certificate in Transportation Leadership

This certificate is constructed around crucial developments in the transportation industry and will provide valuable insight into management advancement of public and private transportation organizations.


  • MBA 610: Strategic Management - 3 credits
  • MBA 670: Emergency Management to Support Organizational Efficiency - 3 credits
  • MBA 680: Transportation Leadership and Management - 3 credits
  • MBA 690: Public and Private Transportation Finance - 3 credits

Admission Requirements

Our MBA certificate programs online are taught at the graduate level. Therefore, we expect applicants to meet MBA admission standards.

To apply, you must:

  1. Hold a baccalaureate degree or MBA from a regionally-accredited college or university.
  2. Submit:
    Official transcripts from all academic institutions attended
    Current resume
    • Two letters of recommendation
  3. Demonstrate achievement of a minimum grade point average (GPA) of a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. If below a 3.0, you will be required to submit a personal statement as part of your application.
  4. Complete the Gwynedd Mercy University Graduate Application and pay the application fee.