First-Year Experience Program

First-Year Experience

For a Successful Start to College

The transition from high school to college can be both exciting and unfamiliar. As an incoming first-year student, you’ll be enrolled in the First-Year Experience (FYE) program, which will teach you about the academic expectations of college, campus life, and service to the community.

Through assignments of self-discovery, you will also learn valuable skills of reflection and how to document those reflections. In doing so, you’ll become more thoughtful about your work, your purpose, and your future, so that you’ll approach each year of college in a proactive way. (We call this The Griffin Edge.

The First-Year Experience program includes two courses:

FYE 1000
Taken during the fall semester of your first year
This course will help you adjust to the academic expectations of college as you and your classmates discuss topics such as academic integrity, time management, and communication skills. You’ll spend time learning research skills and information literacy. You will also be introduced to our history of Mercy and how our Core Values of integrity, respect, service, and social justice will impact your work at GMercyU and beyond.

Your first class of FYE 1000 will take place during orientation.

Taken during the spring semester of your first year
You’ll learn more about GMercyU’s Mercy heritage and the importance of social responsibility. We believe Mercy values are gained through service activities within the local community. To connect your service experiences with classroom learning, you will also complete guided written reflections.

Frequently Asked First-Year Questions

Have questions about registering for classes? Not sure where to get your parking permit? Want to know more about Move-In Day or orientation? Check out our page for accepted undergraduate students.


Want to know more about the FYE program? Contact Kim Cooney, EdD, at 215-646-7300 ext. 21020 or