GMercyU Faculty George Colton

George M. Colton, EdD

Adjunct Professor, Graduate Counseling

Dr. Colton earned his MA in Counseling from New York University and his EdD in Counseling from Rutgers University.  He has worked in higher education settings since 1989 as a faculty member, Dean and administrator.  Dr. Colton has taught in the associate, bachelor and graduate levels. He has post-graduate training in Adlerian Psychotherapy and has supervised and taught in graduate counseling programs for more than 12 years.  

Prior to his involvement in higher education, Dr. Colton worked in the Community Mental Health field for eleven years as part of treatment teams and supervised inpatient units and outpatient programs.  Before working in the mental health field, Dr. Colton was a stagehand/carpenter/electrician for the NYC theatre, movie and television business.  

Dr. Colton’s research focused on those factors (individual and institutional) that influence the academic and overall development, success, failure and departure of “at risk” undergraduate students.  Of primary interest are the multi-cultural interaction effects between individual (psychological, academic, family environmental etc.) and institutional (academic, financial, emotional support, climate, social and academic environment, etc.) factors and academic achievement, student development, academic persistence and student withdrawal.

He has presented his research findings at local, regional, national and international conferences.  His research has been published in peer-reviewed academic journals.  He has also been recognized by the National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience for development of an outstanding First-Year Colloquium Program, by the Council for Opportunity in Education for development of a national model program for the retention and development of students and he is a recipient of the Noel-Levitz Retention Excellent Award for Student Support Services Program (TRIO program) programming.  

Dr. Colton lives in Bucks County with wife and young grandson whom they are raising.