Instructional Technology

As a learning community, our faculty are challenged to explore, incorporate, and become proficient in innovative, technology-enriched best practices for teaching and learning. The Academic Technology team at Gwynedd Mercy University strives to build and support the community by integrating teaching and learning technologies into the classroom. Faculty members are trained in and encouraged to use a variety of tools for both online and face-to-face instruction.

GMercyU Faculty Technology Workshops

A variety of technology training workshops are held during the fall, spring and summer semesters in both face-to-face and online formats, and are scheduled in large classroom labs and in smaller venues such as the TLT lab on Main Campus. These training sessions include Blackboard, Microsoft Office, course design and a host of web-based learning technologies.

General announcements are placed on the portal with information about upcoming workshops and how to apply. Some instructional technology video tutorials are available below.

For more information about faculty training, please email Michelle Simms, Ed.D., director of instructional technology, at

Adobe Connect

GMercyU’s premier web-conferencing service allows users to host online conferences, meetings and classes. With an Adobe Connect account, a web camera and a computer or laptop with internet connection, faculty members can conduct classes anywhere in the world. Guest lectures, keynote speakers, distance education students and entire external classes have the ability to connect, share resources and collaborate. Class sessions may also be pre-recorded and uploaded to Blackboard for anywhere, anytime access.


GMercyU’s Learning Management System, Blackboard, is an online learning environment in which instructors place course materials, resources, website assignments, lesson plans and directions in a course shell arranged in such a way as to construct shared learning activities. Used as both a supplement to face-to-face instruction and for fully online learning, Blackboard’s features include interactive components that are both synchronous and asynchronous. Online discussion boards are real-time chat sessions that promote group interactivity, connecting instructors, students and the outside world.

Faculty members receive training in the use of Blackboard as a teaching tool and as a repository of course content.

Every student enrolled into the administrative system and assigned to a course receives a Blackboard account. As long as internet access is available, users are able to participate in courses while being globally connected.

Faculty, staff and students access their Blackboard accounts via the GMercyU portal.

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The Online Consortium of Independent Colleges and Universities is a 75+ member consortium of learning institutions that have access to more than 750 online courses. These courses are developed and taught by 12 provider institutions.

Students at GMercyU may enroll in these courses and may even be able to apply the credit hours to their University transcripts. Before you enroll, you need to receive approval from your adviser, the school dean and the vice president for Academic Affairs.

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Online and Accelerated Learning

GMercyU’s School of Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS) offers online and accelerated learning programs in the Schools of Business, Education and Nursing. Online courses are taught by online certified instructors and use Blackboard as the primary delivery method. Faculty can learn how to teach online by enrolling in a four-week course. To enroll, contact Susan Darlington, Director of Online Learning and Satellite Campus Technology. Faculty who teach at our School of Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS), can find technology resources at: 

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Smart Classrooms

Consisting of a data projector, a Smart Board and a computer workstation, Smart Classrooms can display everything a computer can, but to a wider audience. Instructors or presenters may annotate directly on the Smart Board, allowing the flexibility of the whiteboard to be integrated into classroom instruction. Course materials, lesson plans, websites, e-books, images, Flash programs and shared courseware can be developed in Smart Notebook, a native Smart application. Entire projects can be saved and stored as .pdf documents, PowerPoint presentations or web pages and placed into Blackboard for lesson retention and lesion revision. On Main Campus, the majority of classrooms have Smart Boards, while all learning areas also have data projection screens.

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GMercyU Teaching and Learning Resources 

The IT Service Desk can be reached at 215-646-7300 ext. 21444 or at

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