GMercyU Business Student Kyle Gresh

Meet Kyle Gresh

Accounting, 2018

"All of GMercyU’s professors take the time to truly know who I am, understand what I need to succeed, and provide guidance towards my career goals." 

When I began high school, I understood the importance of taking advantage of every available opportunity to invest in my future. This is why I chose to work hard and take Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment classes. By taking Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment classes through GMercyU, I was able to start college with 15 credits, allowing me to take additional classes to diversify my education. 

I really liked the idea of Dual Enrollment classes because the grade I received in the class also counted for college credit and would be the grade on my transcript. In addition, I liked the extra time that was spent on the subjects being taught on an extended high school calendar.  This extra time allowed me to fully understand the topics I was studying so that I was prepared for the next level when I began college.
The two Dual Enrollment classes offered at William Tennent High School were accounting and marketing. My teachers were wonderful and through their guidance, I was able to remember the information two years later when I took the next level of courses at GMercyU. The Dual Enrollment experience allowed me to form a strong basis in accounting basics and propelled me to be one of the top accounting students in my class.  

I chose to attend Gwynedd Mercy University for a number of reasons. The first reason was the close proximity to my home. I knew I wanted to attend a recognized school while commuting to college. The second reason I chose to attend GMercyU is because the generous scholarship that I was offered made the cost of college affordable. A third reason is because I was told by my brother, a previous GMercyU business graduate, along with my high school teachers, that GMercyU had a wonderful business program - a definite plus.

The most important reason I chose to attend GMercyU is because of the feeling of home that I experience when I am here. GMercyU’s campus provides a safe, secure, and friendly atmosphere for learning.  Since GMercyU is a smaller school, I am able to connect with my classmates easily and make lasting friendships. Additionally, I enjoy going to class each day and interacting with my professors because they all know who I am and are concerned with my well-being.  All of GMercyU’s professors take the time to truly know who I am, understand what I need to succeed, and provide guidance towards my career goals.  

My future career goal is to become a Generally Certified Real Estate Appraiser. Although GMercyU doesn't offer a specific degree in real estate, GMercyU provides other opportunities that satisfy my needs. To become a real estate appraiser apprentice, I need a business degree, in addition to real estate board certified classes and hands-on experience. GMercyU gave me hands-on experience by providing accessibility to an internship at an appraisal company that has extended my knowledge in the real estate field far beyond what I could have learned through a normal education. During the internship, I was able to apply the knowledge from my accounting based business degree, while learning the daily duties of an appraiser. 

Aside from my experiences in the School of Business, I am also as a Griffin Ambassador and a member of the Mercy Honor Society, Sigma Phi Sigma.  These experiences have given me the opportunity to interact with people from different majors that I may not have met otherwise and  meet people from various parts of the community. If I had to choose my university all over again, I would definitely choose Gwynedd Mercy University.