GMercyU Receives Grant for State-of-the-Art Anatomage Table

November 4, 2020
GMercyU Receives Grant for State-of-the-Art Anatomage Table

Gwynedd Mercy University has secured a generous grant from the Hearst Foundation to purchase an Anatomage Table, a life-size dissection table that provides an interactive life-size look at the human body.

GMercyU students majoring in a variety of programs, including Biology, Medical Laboratory Science, Occupational Therapy, Radiation Therapy, Nursing, Radiologic Technology, and Respiratory Care, will use this exciting new piece of technology.

“The Anatomage Table allows students to focus their laboratory efforts on human dissection, even if that dissection is virtual,” said Michelle McEliece, PhD, program director of GMercyU’s Biology Program, whose Anatomy and Physiology classes will use the Table. “It will allow students to view individual systems, one at a time, and it also provides a 3D cross-section. The table can also simulate disease states.”

Take a closer look what the Anatomage Table can do here:

“We are incredibly grateful to the Hearst Foundation, whose support enabled us to purchase this sophisticated piece of technology. It offers near limitless learning opportunities for our students in the health sciences and biology,” said GMercyU Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Mary Van Brunt, PhD. “We’re thrilled to introduce it to students this academic year.”     

Anatomage Table Highlights         

  • The most advanced combination of hardware and software for virtual dissection, it features ultra-high quality (UHQ) visualization for students to view photorealistic anatomical structures.
  • The table offers a high quality lab experience without the use of cadavers or chemicals.
  • It features both male and female life-size gross anatomy. Its digital library also offers more than 1,300 clinical cases and veterinary cases — full-body cat, dog, and mouse cadavers and 150+ other species and breeds.
  • The Anatomage Table is FDA-cleared for use in assisting medical diagnosis. It can be utilized as a powerful radiology workstation and as a valuable tool for surgical case review, patient consultation, and medical research.

Learn more about the Anatomage Table here.