Assistant Professor of Marketing Featured on WalletHub

Melissa Dennis, Assistant Professor of Marketing, was recently featured in an article on WalletHub. The article focused on some of the best and worst places for Americans to spend their Fourth of July with a focus on saving money.

Professor Dennis shared that prioritizing the “why” in traveling is important in justifying costs, and that looking for packages that include discounted experiences is always beneficial. Given that Fourth of July lands on a Thursday this year, Americans may feel more inclined to spend money by going on extended weekend stays and traveling on days that are considered “less heavy” on the roads.

When asked for tips on how Americans can celebrate the holiday on a budget, Professor Dennis said, “Have the backyard barbecue but host it as a potluck and invite friends and family to bring a dish. Head to your local events and enjoy the free parades, concerts, and fireworks displays.”

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