Pamela B. Lynn Receives Distinguished Faculty Award for Scholarship

Scholarship AwardPamela B. Lynn, EdD, MSN, RN, Associate Professor of the Frances M. Maguire School of Nursing and Health Professions will be awarded the 2024 Distinguished Faculty Award for Scholarship at this year’s Honors Convocation Ceremony.

Pamela Lynn, EdD, MSN, RN joined GMercyU as an adjunct faculty member in 2000, transitioning to a full-time Instructor in 2007. Rising to the rank of Associate Professor, Dr. Lynn focuses on nursing education excellence through scholarship, serving as an educator, author, role model, and mentor.

Teaching various courses like nursing research and evidence-based practice, Dr. Lynn embodies nursing’s scholarly aspects. She contributes to faculty development through webinars and presentations, collaborates on new course development, and enhances the undergraduate nursing curriculum. Additionally, she organized educational sessions for faculty and mentors new faculty and students.

A critical part of professional nursing is integration of research and other evidence to support best practices and achieve positive health and healthcare outcomes. Since 2005, Dr. Lynn has been part of the author team for the Fundamentals of Nursing: The Art and Science of Person-Centered Care (Wolters Kluwer; 11th edition in process) and the sole author of Taylor’s Clinical Nursing Skills (Wolters Kluwer; 7th edition in process). Both texts have numerous international translations, are consistently rated as the number one nursing fundamentals and skills package in nursing education and have been listed in the top 100 of all nursing texts. Most recently, Dr. Lynn and her co-authors were the recipients of the American Journal of Nursing’s Book of the Year Award – Most Valuable Texts of 2023.

As the author of the content of the texts, Dr. Lynn conducts extensive reviews of the literature to identify current and relevant evidence for practice. Through this scholarly work, Dr. Lynn stays abreast of trends, guidelines, research, and best practice in numerous and varied content areas. This expertise supports her ability to confidently tell students, “Evidence for practice suggests...” and “Best-practice guidelines tell use...” Dr. Lynn has gained the recognition and respect of the students and colleagues with whom she works and interacts, as evidenced by one student’s comment, “[Dr. Lynn] stimulated my interest in evidence-based practice and the way to understand research.”

Dr. Lynn’s work embodies the sharing of scholarship and expertise with peers, fellow nursing educators, and students – students who are our developing nursing professionals and the future of nursing practice. A former nursing student, who will be a contributor to a nursing text this fall, recently reached out to Dr. Lynn to thank her for “being an incredible educator and person... You set the spark... There was a path beyond the bedside. You were working on a textbook, and I thought it was the COOLEST thing to write in that capacity. Someday, I thought, I would love to do that.”