Adjunct Professor of Accounting Carlo Silvesti Featured in Article on Money Geek

GMercyU’s professors are experts in their respective fields, and are often called upon to share their expertise with media outlets around the world.

Adjunct Professor of Accounting Carlo Silvesti was recently featured in an article on Money Geek featuring expert advice on being paid by paying taxes. In the article, Silvesti touches on the benefits of using a credit card to pay taxes, its effects on credit scores, and the potential risks and downsides.

“It may be better for you to look into obtaining a personal loan to pay your taxes. Loan interest costs are usually cheaper than credit card interests costs,” Silvesti shared with Money Geek. “Also, setting up a payment plan with the IRS may be cheaper than using a credit card. You can only pay your personal taxes to the IRS with a credit card. Employment taxes may not be paid using a credit card.”

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