GMercyU Doctoral Student Has Work Published

Dennis M. Williams Jr. MsEd, doctoral student at GMercyU, recently had an article published in EdWeek titled What I Wish I Knew When I Became a Principal.

Dennis’ inspiration for the article came after he was featured on a podcast called “Be the Leader You Deserve” with fellow educator and host Jill Handley. On the show, Jill asked Dennis, “What are the one or two things you wish they had told you in leadership prep?” For days after the podcast, Dennis pondered the answer he gave Jill.

“Thinking about the question and trying to then reconsider the words of advice for novice administrators or works of encouragement for veterans… I just started writing,” said Dennis. “I just felt like it was a message that was valuable for others to read.”

While this isn’t Dennis’s first published piece, he feels grateful that EdWeek recognized his work.

“I felt at this point in my profession and as a veteran school leader, they were poignant words that could be beneficial to some,” said Dennis.

Experience in GMercyU’s EdD Program

Dennis loved his experience at GMercyU.

“The opportunity to connect with so many new colleagues, hear their experiences, and collaborate on solutions is valuable for us as lifelong learners,” Dennis shared.

He also feels the leadership and support in GMercyU’s doctoral program helped him get his dissertation across the finish line.

“I also appreciate the commitment of the university to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. It wasn’t just talk. There was true dedication and alignment of practice that you may not find in many programs,” said Dennis. “During a time when DEIB work has become so politically charged across the country, it has become something for districts and school systems to run from – GMercyU runs toward it, and I appreciate that.”