Beth Bernabeo Honored with 2023 School of Arts and Sciences Award for Excellence in Adjunct Teaching

Gwynedd Mercy University Adjunct Professor for Social Work Beth Bernabeo has been selected to receive the 2023 School of Arts and Sciences Award for Excellence in Adjunct Teaching. Professor Bernabeo was selected amongst a pool of 56 eligible instructors.

“Receiving this award means the world to me. I worked as a research associate for about 18 years before I decided to get into teaching. I made the switch because, while I truly enjoy and have a passion for research, I often wondered who would end up reading my work, and who or whether anyone would benefit from it,” Beth said.

“I showed up my first day at GMercyU nervous and with a binder inches thick of notes and what I found was, if I taught from the heart, and not just the book, I was able to connect with students and create meaningful relationships. These relationships positively impact me, and I always tell my students how much I learn from them and how they positively impact the students as well as my classroom is a space to be open, authentic, and vulnerable. This vulnerability is what I have found to be the ‘magic’ in my students. Watching them open their minds, listen to others, learn from others, while still applying the content to their own lives and interests is what I find the most rewarding.”

Beginning in 2016, the School of Arts and Sciences has sent out an annual survey to undergraduate students to cast their vote for one faculty member who they believe deserves to be recognized for his or her teaching quality, student engagement, and passion for their discipline. Students are encouraged to add comments during the survey which are shared during the award presentation. Additionally, recipients receive a commemorative glass plaque and a monetary award.

Professor and Program Coordinator of Social Work Wade Luquet, PhD has seen firsthand the impact Beth has had on students.

“Social Work Research Methods is one of the more difficult courses to engage social work students in who just want to help people. Beth told me that she could make the class interesting and relevant, and she did. Our students love Beth Bernabeo, and they learn the importance of research to their work,” Wade Luquet, Professor and Program Coordinator of Social Work said.

“This award truly humbles me, because it draws from classroom vulnerability and magic. I am so honored to be a part of the GMercyU community, and to teach in Public Health and Social Work, to continue to impact both professions by producing such amazing, dedicated and engaged young adults. I know they will make a difference int his world! Thank you so much for the recognition, I will carry it always,” Beth said.