6th Annual Aspiring Educator’s Leadership Symposium

On November 3, Gwynedd Mercy University virtually hosted the 6th Annual Aspiring Educator’s Leadership Symposium. The symposium focused on the topic of Neurodiversity, Brain Health, and Student Success for PreK-12 and Higher Education. Attendees included educators, counselors, students, administrators, parents and anyone interested in the presented topics.

Virtual workshops included:

PreK-12: Neurodiversity and the changing arena of PreK-12, Gun Violence and Trauma: What Educators Can Learn from Incarcerated Youth, and Neurodiversity Success Strategies

Higher Ed: Laying the Foundation for Change in Higher Ed, and Neurodiversity and Brain Health for Higher Ed Success

Dissertation Support: Preparing the IRB Proposal, and Approaching Dissertation Research: Quantitative & Qualitative Methodologies

“As an institution valuing multi-faceted, comprehensive education, we were thrilled to host our 6th Annual Aspiring Educator’s Leadership Symposium,” said Mary Sortino, Dean of the School of Business and Education. “We aim to provide innovative solutions to enhance the education environment at every level, working collaboratively with experts who can share their experiences. We hope that the workshops enriched all who participated.”

The event’s keynote speaker, Mr. David Meer, M.C., LPC joined the symposium from Neurodiverse Counseling Services, PLLC in Scottsdale, Arizona. He brought a wealth of experience in supporting communities, building supportive relationships, and utilizing abilities and talents in a productive way by working with neurodiverse people.