Deb Schadler, PhD, CPCRT, PRSE Speaks on the Current Job Market for Young Education Grads

The extraordinary difficulties and unstable economic climate of 2020 have brought unique challenges to the way we live and work. What can future young graduates expect from the job market and how can they prepare?, a career website, spoke to several leaders in higher education about this, including GMercyU's Assistant Dean of the School of Business and Education, Deb Schadler, PhD, CPCRT, PRSE.

"Based on the ever-changing landscape, young graduates' skill sets will take on a new definition," said Dr. Schadler, who has taught education at GMercyU for more than 20 years. "There will continue to be the most significant emphasis on flexibility and problem-solving skills."

Opportunity can be found in certain industries, depending on where you live. For example, there is a critical teacher shortage.

"Teaching jobs are on the upswing," Dr. Schadler explained. "According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, teaching positions are expected to continue to grow at a 12 percent rate through 2022. Granted, it is specific to geographical area and discipline, but if teachers do their 'homework,' they can tailor their curriculum to fit the need."

Certain states have a more severe need for teachers than others. "Based on our students' experiences with recruiting, Florida, Maryland, and West Virginia are among the most aggressive recruiters. Georgia, Texas, Arizona, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado also appear in the literature as experiencing teacher shortages across the board," said Dr. Schadler.

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