GMercyU student Joshua Carson

Meet Joshua Carson

Finance, 2016

Current Position: Logistics Team Member at Target

Floridian Finds Home at GMercyU

Story Last Updated: November 2015
Current Position Updated: March 2019

I chose Gwynedd Mercy University because it provided me with the perfect circumstances for me. I would be able to play the sports I love at a competitive level, earn my degree in finance,  and obtain a unique college experience. Gwynedd Mercy University has given me all of this and more.

I wanted to move away from home [Florida] for school in order discover myself on my own. GMercyU was a great landing spot for me, because I never really feel alone. My adjustment period was very quick because of the support system that GMercyU provides with its professors and staff members. Gwynedd Valley is also such a great environment.

At GMercyU, I've had quite the experience.  When it comes to athletics, we are blessed with the ability to travel across the country, and sometimes the world, in order to compete.  I am a part of the men's basketball  and men's tennis  teams at GMercyU, and I would say that both of the sports have been great when it comes to being able to compete and providing me with memorable moments. This past year, the men's tennis team won the CSAC championship for the first time in the GMercyU's history. 

Off the court, I have been blessed as well. I have been a part of the School of Business Task Force meetings, on the School of Business Advisory board, a part of the Sigma Phi Delta Business Honors Society, as well as the Sigma Phi Sigma Honors Society. It's safe to say that GMERCYU has provide a plethora of opportunities for me.

The relationship with the professors is one of the best parts about GMercyU.  The small class sizes makes professors much more accessible than at other universities. I know personally that a professor has helped me with both revitalizing my resume and helping me create a clear vision for my career path. Knowing that all of the professors have your best interest in mind makes it easier for the student to focus on what is important to them in the classroom.

GMercyU has prepared for the real-world by allowing me to discover who I want to be. Nobody ever pressures you to make key decisions.  Advice is always accessible, but never pushed upon you. Also, there are so many connections to be made at the University that finding job/internship opportunities are not as daunting as it sounds to be. There are even multiple internships provided by the school. Gwynedd Mercy University can really change somebody's life.