GMercyU alum Rashid Santiago

Meet Rashid Santiago

Business Administration, 2007

Current Position: Magisterial Judge in Allentown, PA

Story Last Updated: December 2015
Current Position Updated: March 2019

District Judge Reflects on Time at GMercyU

I was recruited to play basketball at GMercyU by Coach John Baron. Once I took a visit and sat in on some classes, I felt that GMercyU was the right fit for me. I was excited about the relatively small class sizes and about the accessibility of the professors outside the classroom.
I was four-year member of the men's basketball team, served as a resident assistant in the residence halls, and was involved in a few clubs. My senior year, as a business administration major with a concentration in finance, I held an internship at GMAC Mortgage.  
One of the great things about GMercyU is that that professors and staff are very approachable and accommodating. It was not unusual to eat lunch in the cafe with a professor or see a staff member attending a sports event. It was that sense of community that really made my college experience so fulfilling.
GMercyU helped prepare me for the real world by affording me the opportunity to embrace a rigorous course of study while also being involved in extracurricular activities. Having experienced that in college has helped me to become well rounded. In addition, my experiences at Gwynedd have given me the skills necessary to find a balance in life, especially while taking on several obligations at once.
In my current position, I serve as an elected Magisterial District Judge in Allentown, Pennsylvania. In that capacity, I hear traffic cases, other minor criminal cases, truancy cases, and civil cases. I also set bail and conduct preliminary hearings in misdemeanor and felony criminal cases. District Courts are the first level of the judiciary in PA, so I interact with a wide array of people on a daily basis. Outside of work, I serve as a volunteer youth basketball coach and am married with two children.