GMercyU alum Matthew Fingerman

Meet Matthew Fingerman

Management, 2015

Current Position: Vice President - Wealth Manager at BNY Mellon

Dual-Degree Alum Values GMercyU Experience

Story Last Updated: December 2015
Current Position Updated: March 2019

When I learned of the Master’s of Science in Management (MSM) program at GMercyU’s Philadelphia campus I reached out to an admissions officer to learn more. The admissions officer was super helpful in providing all the necessary information and made the process seamless. The high level of personal touch really exceeded my expectations and gave me the confidence I needed to choose GMercyU.  

I began with the MSM program which was on-campus and cohort based. It was a great experience being able to go through the entire program with the same individuals. It allowed me the opportunity to build meaningful relationships. I was hoping to utilize the MSM degree to transition to a part-time MBA program in the region. 

Following graduation, I began taking classes at another university for my MBA. When I heard GMercyU was beginning an MBA program , I transferred back to GMercyU and finished my MBA in May of 2015. I currently work at BNY Mellon Wealth Management as an Associate Wealth Manager. I assist in the management of personal trusts, agency, estates, charitable, pension and institutional accounts.

I was fortunate enough to have my employer sponsor me for most of the expenses of the MSM and MBA program. However, it required paperwork and coordination with the University. I was amazed at how supportive the University staff was from an administrative and customer service standpoint. It really allowed me to focus on my work and studies.

I graduated from a liberal arts university in the Northeast for my undergrad. My experience there was wonderful and it provided a real foundation to understand and solve a diverse array of problems. GMercyU was able to build on that foundation by focusing in on key components necessary to be a leader in business. 

The professors allowed quite a bit of flexibility in analyses, papers, and projects to focus on certain industries. This allowed me not only to focus on my field of work but also provided the opportunity to work in teams and learn about other industries. For instance, my cohort consisted of a Gulfstream pilot, hospital administrator, military and pharmaceutical professionals. The diversity in careers made projects very interesting.