Meet Jihan Latimer

Education, 2020

Current Position: Author

I chose GMercyU, because I felt confident that the Education program would prepare me to be an educator for the 21st century. My goal was to find a school whose faculty were accessible for questions and feedback. In hindsight, I felt that I was destined to attend GMercyU. I never had a doubt in my mind. I appreciated the close knit community.

My experience in the Education program at GMercyU was a season of growth for me. I found that the program challenged me in various ways, which allowed me to have a positive experience. For instance, I felt endurance and patience was a major factor for success in the program. The instructors truly made sure that each student was proficient in research and technique. GMercyU's program is different, because I truly felt the professors wanted their students to succeed. 

Even thought I was not part of any clubs/activities on campus at the time, I still found myself to be part of the GMercyU community. 

Student Teaching Experience

My student-teaching experience was a great learning experience. I did my student-teaching with one of the schools in The School District of Philadelphia. During my student-teaching experience,  I learned the importance of closing the achievement gap, providing all students with the necessary learning tools to succeed inside and outside of the classroom.  

I was a student teacher for a STEM K-8 classroom. The students had the opportunity to go on many school trips like the Zoo and museums, whilst also gaining hands-on experiences with science and technology inside the classroom. This learning process allowed students to understand that learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom, which is why school field trips are important.

Inspiration Through Storytelling

Storytelling is such an important aspect of life. Overall, my process began as a young child. I began to own and read the entire collection of Roald Dahl's children's books. At that point in time, I said 'I want to do that. I want to be a storyteller that inspires readers, just as Roald Dahl had done for me.' As a child, I always had a journal, and jotted down my everyday life's experiences. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been working on distributing my inspirational books to any audience who need a pick-me-up. My books range from graphic novel-to-fiction novels. I am also in the process of completing a Halloween book for middle schoolers for the Fall. My goal is to uplift any reader, and be a vessel for inspiration. 

My post-graduate plans consist of teaching any PreK-4th grade classroom, as well as continue to write books that inspire and uplift people.

You can find Jihan's books at the following links: The Tale Of Miss Berta London: "Recollections of Accomplishments and Galactic Teens.