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GMercyU basketball player Darnell Artis
Darnell Artis
Communication, 2016
“Those challenges forced me to adapt to different circumstances and become a better leader who successfully managed different player personalities.”
Gwynedd Mercy University Nursing Student Tom Beal
Tom Beal
Nursing, 2016
"When I was young, I always told people how I wanted to be the Phillie Phanatic. While my career choice had changed, my wish to become a mascot did not."
Michael Bruce
Michael Bruce
Management, 2016
“It's true that there really is no substitute for experience. The knowledge and experience I learned is much more important than most things that I could have learned from a book.”
GMercyU student Joshua Carson
Joshua Carson
Finance, 2016
“GMercyU was a great landing spot for me, because I never really feel alone.”
GMercyU education student Jacqlyn Gallagher
Jacqlyn Gallagher
Education, 2016
“These experiences have shaped and changed me forever by introducing and bonding me to the worldwide circle of Mercy which each GMercyU student is an integral part of.”
GMercyU Business Student Kyle Gresh
Kyle Gresh
Accounting, 2018
"All of GMercyU’s professors take the time to truly know who I am, understand what I need to succeed, and provide guidance towards my career goals." 
GMercyU student and resident assistant Ryan Harrison
Ryan Harrison
Communication, 2017
"Before being a part of the Res Life family and lifestyle, I was a very reserved individual and only spoke to people who were like me. Now, I am more outgoing, more approachable, and more caring of others. "
GMercyU Education Student Kelly Lare
Kelly Lare
Education, 2016
"I definitely felt that going back to college after ten years out of school was a daunting task. I felt that the online program was a great segue. I was able to completely get through all of the courses on my own time."
GMercyU accounting student Jerome McArdle
Jerome McArdle
Accounting, 2016
“Being known and not simply just another number is what makes GMercyU unique.  It is nice to have personal conversations with my professors outside of the classroom instead of solely being just a student.”
Katherine McGuigan
Psychology, 2016
"Even though I was a commuter student, I did not want to be the student that goes to classes and not become involved.  That's why I became involved in many activities my freshman year."
Amanda Pirrone
Biology, 2017
GMercyU Student Channels Iggy Izalea for Final Exam
GMercyU Marketing Student Danielle Rainier
Danielle M. Rainier
Marketing, 2017
"People attend Gwynedd Mercy University for Gwynedd and for Mercy. I am definitely one of those people and will never regret my choice in choosing GMercyU as my college of choice."
Albert Rementer
Management, 2017
“Just seeing that definitely changed my whole thought process on life. Seeing how happy they were with what they had, and then I look back on the life I have and how lucky I am. I was taken aback from it.”
Alaina Shierk
Alaina Shierk
Biology, 2017
"What drew me the most toward GMercyU’s biology program, was their openness to other career paths students want to take with a biology degree."