Criminal Justice Major William Allen

Meet William Allen

Criminal Justice, 2022

"[Criminal Justice]" is not as straightforward as other majors — there’s so much to explore and experience, and that’s what I like most about it.”

When he was a high school student, William originally considered a couple of large state schools for college, but GMercyU’s smaller, more close-knit size appealed to him. Meeting GMercyU’s lacrosse coach, Coach Lindstrom, and the team also hooked him.

Today, William is a GMercyU Honors Program student, lacrosse player, and Criminal Justice major.

“I always liked detective crime shows, the idea of solving problems where I didn’t have to use math,” he explained of his major.

One of the things he loves most about the Criminal Justice program is the breadth of topics covered. “Through all of the classes that you take with Doc [McGrain] and the other professors, they really open your eyes to the different paths you could take. It’s not as straightforward as other majors — there’s so much to explore and experience, and that’s what I like most about it.”

He finds the Honors Program to be similar in that way. “My Honors classes have been really diverse in subject material, from music to politics to literature," he said. "And the classes are so small – one class was just me and three other people – so you really get individualized attention. I think my favorite Honors class so far was ‘Dangerous Books’ with Professor Clinton.* I think I wrote the best paper I’ve ever written for that class, where I had to connect different ‘dangerous’ texts by different authors to each other.”

William’s current longterm goal is to work in the field of cybersecurity, possibly for the government doing research-based work, so he is complementing his Criminal Justice major with a minor in Computer Information Science.

He’s also focused on applying for a Rhodes Scholarship to pursue a master’s degree in criminology and a master’s in computer science at Oxford University in England. “The history of the university itself…I love history, being able to study at a place like Oxford would be incredible,” he said.

Until then, William is just enjoying his final year at GMercyU. A residence life student, he’s lived with the same roommate all four years. “We hit it off immediately. I don’t think he appreciates when I have to wake up at 6:00am for training for lacrosse,” said William, laughing, “but we get along great.”

*About HON-151: Dangerous Books Course
This course exposes students to a "dangerous" canon of works that have been regarded at various points in history as being prohibited, radically transformative, and/or subversive. Students analyze these texts according to their philosophical content and historical context and assess their enduring impact on society.