GMercyU Education Student Victoria Lineman

Meet Victoria Lineman

Education, 2017

Current Position: Pre-School Teacher in Conshocken

Story Last Updated: May 2017
Current Position Updated: March 2019

I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. I actually heard about Gwynedd Mercy University’s education program when I was in eighth grade and knew GMercyU would be one of the schools I wanted to look into. I got to GMercyU for Accepted Students Day and I remember sitting in a classroom with Ms. Pierantozzi and GMercyU alum Christie Delhagen. I will never forget the impact they made on me and how kind they were. I felt like this was a family and that’s something I really wanted. That’s when I made the decision. I looked at my dad and said “this is the school.”

My experience definitely surpassed my expectations. When I got here I knew I had to push myself out of my comfort zone. I always loved volunteering; it’s something I did in high school. GMercyU’s mission of Mercy is something that always really stuck with me and something I wanted during my time here. I joined different clubs, went to the meetings to try and see what fit me best. I ended up staying with all of them. I just loved them all.

I felt like I could make a difference and the clubs took me to places I never thought I’d get to. I ended up becoming President of the Special Education Club which is something I never thought I would do. It was the best experience ever. I got to host the Alex Valeno Exceptional Persons 5K my junior year and it was incredible.

Balance is something I struggled with a little bit in high school. That’s why I wanted to just pick one club. When I got here I started with GMAEYC then I joined the Special Education Club and was president, treasurer, and secretary. I was also a SGA representative all four years and Vice President of Best Buddies for two years. I think it was so easy to balance it all because I loved it. It wasn’t work to me it was something I enjoyed doing. It was something that just flowed naturally. I still had time for my friends and for school. I had straight A’s and made the Dean’s List.

School was something that used to be hard for me, but all the people at GMercyU were so amazing and willing to help. I think that just having so many loving, merciful people is what helped me carry through it. It almost made it effortless.

I have a few friends who are in different colleges and there is a huge difference. They go to school, go through classes, homework and that’s it. They don’t have anything else. They have a lot of trouble with their professors and keeping communication open. That’s something that I couldn’t relate to. Learning from those relationships that you build with professors is so important and I love that GMercyU has that. We have the small classes and you feel important. I thought going into it that these other students are going to judge me because you have to get up in front of the class but then I realized we’re all in this together. Everybody is so nice and willing to help.

I would definitely say that it is a family. If you want to feel a sense of belonging and importance, choose GMercyU. It’s such a small school which is what captivated me. People really care about each other and they want you to succeed and will do anything to help you. I met so many incredible, lifelong friends. GMercyU has changed my life in the best ways, and I am forever grateful.