Meet Samantha Creidler

Communications, 2019

"GMercyU completely changed my life for the better."

Thinking back on where I was three years ago, I never would have believed that I would be where I am right now, let alone be this content with my life in general. Three years ago I was a freshman at a different university, trying to navigate life after high school, which I honestly did not feel that prepared for. All of the sudden I was away from my family, living on my own, with an extreme amount of stress and responsibility that I did not know how to properly handle. I hoped that all of the anxiety I was feeling would eventually dwindle away but unfortunately that was not the case for me.

Something about my environment and that specific university was just not working for me. The classes were gigantic and held in auditoriums that made it so easy to not show up to because literally no one would notice, and the professors were far less personable and hard to get to know. Worst of all, when it came to my academics, ya know, the thing I’m paying so much money for, I felt like I wasn’t getting anything out of it. My grades were slipping and I found it very hard to connect to a subject or topic, especially when all I did was look at a Powerpoint for an hour and take notes. Knowing that I wanted to actually earn a good education on top of a diploma, I decided that transferring to another university would be the best decision for me both academically and personally. 

Transferring to GMercyU

When trying to figure out where I wanted to transfer, GMercyU immediately stuck out to me for several reasons. First, it was close to home. Second, it was a gorgeous campus, and third, I had always heard nothing but great things about it. Soon after I got accepted, the head of the Communication Department reached out to me and with only having one conversation with him, I knew GMercyU was it. 

My transition into the university could not have gone smoother. Any nerves or doubts I had quickly subsided as soon as I met my professors, who I now admire dearly. Unlike my previous university, the small classroom setting made participating and asking questions so much easier and overall helped grow my confidence. Also, never have I come across such caring and passionate professors, who care enough to not only get to know their students academically but personally. This alone has drastically helped me connect more with what I am being taught and has made my learning experience so much more exciting. 

GMercyU Experience

GMercyU completely changed my life for the better. Since transferring here, my grades have never been better and I am extremely motivated, excited to learn and hopeful for my future. As I begin my senior year, I couldn’t be more proud or grateful for how far I have come, and although I will miss this school, I feel more than prepared for whatever comes next. I will never forget all of the staff and faculty who have helped me along the way and I am thrilled to take all that I have learned from them and apply to my life after graduation.