Meet Nhien Nguyen

Communications, 2019

I transferred to Gwynedd Mercy University in Fall 2017 with a Communication major and Pre-Med concentration. I still remember the first time I drove to campus -- the beauty completely captivated me, especially as I toured around after meeting with the Admission Counselor. 

The transfer process went smoothly and quickly. Much to my surprise, I attended my first class on just my second visit, after a discussion with my Communication professor/advisor. While I’ve only been a Griffin for a short time, it’s been proven that I made a wise decision a year ago. GMercyU has given me a chance to discover a new me, achieve unique experience and gain valuable relationships.

The list of my favorite things about GMercyU is not short. However, my most favorite thing about GMercyU is the hospitality the staff and faculty members show. They not only maintain a great relationship with the students but also go out of their way to help us succeed. I have had the privilege to meet and study with genuine professors—many of whom are my mentors—who are always there to listen to their students’ stories and give precious advice that perhaps can change their lives.

GMercyU has given me the opportunity to challenge myself and overcome my insecurities. With the encouragement from one of my Communication professors, I served as a contributing writer for the School of Art and Science Newsletter in which I conducted interviews with the faculty, staff members and students. Also, I was given an opportunity to participate as a panelist on two panels – one on Immigration and another on Study Abroad. In addition, I participated in the Justice Advocacy Conference in Washington, D.C, where students from other Mercy institutes met with government officials to lobby for immigration and other social issues.

GMercyU also serves as a platform where students can explore their leadership potential.

The Griffin Student Leadership Institute hosts annual leadership programs where accepted students attend workshops hosted by experts and experienced staff members. I was honored to complete the Emerging Leaders Program and am currently working toward my next leadership certification in the Exceptional Leaders Program. In this level, I am paired with external and internal mentors for insightful discussions about my industry and professional skills. 

GMercyU faculty and the staff are always working closely to help students prepare the necessary skills for the professional world post-graduation. With the assistance of the Career Development Center, I was able to perform well in my internship interview and got the position at the Adult Congenital Heart Association in Philadelphia. I am currently completing my second internship with the GMercyU’s Marketing Department where I am getting hands-on experience in media, public relation, and journalism.

Another thing that makes the University distinct from others is its Mercy values, which advocate for interfaith and the respect for individual’s dignity. People with different religions and ethnicities are all welcomed under the Mercy tradition. Campus Ministry, located in Visitation House, is my all-time favorite place on campus. I have met so many great people who are committed to serving society. I am proud to be an active member of Campus Ministry and grateful for the opportunity to serve as a Mercy Advocate in Service to raise environmental and social awareness on campus. 

GMercyU is the place where my passion and inspiration have been discovered. My most memorable experience was participating in an Alternative Spring Break trip to Vermont where we learned about the current condition of the Earth and sustainability. The trip inspired all of us and upon returning, we co-founded the 0waste and Sustainability, a new organization on campus that advocates for the environment and sustainable lifestyle.

My unique experience at GMercyU has made me realize that it’s OK to follow my passions since life is a process of improving oneself.

This realization has given me the courage to get involved in campus organizations where I can integrate many of my interests in addition to enhancing my skills in writing and leadership. I am also fortunate to be a member of Sigma Phi Sigma, Student Government Association and serve as Co-Founders/Communication Coordinator of 0Waste & Sustainability in which I can help to make a small impact in the community.