Joby Thomas

Meet Joby Thomas

Respiratory Care, 2022

Respiratory Care Student

Journey to GMercyU

Joby Thomas graduated from George Washington High School in 2017 and first heard about GMercyU from her sister.

"When I decided that I wanted to do respiratory care and that GMercyU offered a program, I researched the University and found it to be a good fit for me," Joby said. 

Experience in the Respiratory Care Program

"I was challenged everyday by my courses, and I worked very heard to earn my degree. I dedicated myself to my studies for those four years, working hard in class and seeking out help whenever I needed it," Joby said. 

Assistant Professor and Director of Clinical Education for Respiratory Care Barbara Schuster, MSEd, RRT is one faculty member that stood out to Joby.

"She is very special, not only to me, but also to my classmates. She is sweet, funny, motivates us whenever we are down, and she is a person we can look up to," Joby said.

Clinical Experience

Joby has completed clinicals at a number of hospitals, including Abington Jefferson Hospital, Jefferson Torresdale Hospital, Lankenau Medical Center, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Her main responsibilities consisted of meeting with and examining patients with pulmonary diseases, disorders, or complications. She also administered breathing treatments and evaluted the progress of the treatment. Joby operated mechanical ventilators and other devices, and helped to train patients how to administer treatments and use equipment on their own.


After graduatng in May 2022, Joby plans to become a full-time respiratory therapist. She credits GMercyU for setting her up for success.

"I would suggest GMercyU to a prospective student because college life has made me grow more independent. You learn how to manage your time effectively and you get to decide how to live your life as a young adult," Joby said.