GMercyU Nursing Student Daniel Martin

Meet Daniel Martin

Nursing, 2022

Path to GMercyU

Daniel Martin, a senior Nursing student at Gwynedd Mercy University, always knew he wanted to study nursing.  He graduated from Central Bucks South High School in 2013 and prior to attending GMercyU, Daniel earned his Associates of Science from Vincennes University.

He was accepted as a transfer student here at GMercyU after learning of the Nursing program from several friends who were students expressed their love of the nursing school. 

What appealed to Daniel the most, is the fact that GMercyU offers a four-year nursing program. Another factor that sets the Nursing program apart is the ratio of professors to students. Given that GMercyU has a smaller academic environment, it is much less stressful for students. The smaller environment also allows for a better relationship between professors and students, and between peers. 

“Smaller schools and programs really make you feel as if you have mentors and people looking out for your well-being instead of being just a number,” Daniel said. 

Attending GMercyU as a Veteran

Daniel Martin began college later due to his service to the country. GMercyU is classified as a Yellow Ribbon school, meaning they, along with the federal government, split the cost of tuition left after a veteran’s use of the post 9/11 GI bill. 

In addition to his use of the GI bill, Daniel has received two scholarships - one being GMercyU's Transfer Scholarship. The second scholarship was awarded to Daniel from the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania. The Dean of Frances M. Maguire School of Nursing and Health Professions nominated Daniel to represent GMercyU for this scholarship and he was chosen as the recipient.

Experience in the Nursing Program and Clinical Rotations

Daniel has had an extremely positive experience in the nursing program thus far. His professors have done an amazing job teaching him the necessary skills to become a nurse and, as Daniel highlights, time management. Daniel has spent numerous hours dedicating himself to his coursework for the nursing program.

Daniel has completed several clinical rotations during his time at GMercyU. For his medical and surgical rotation, Daniel worked at Paoli Hospital for a rotation and Holy Redeemer Hospital for another. The patients he worked with were not sick enough for the ICU, so he performed basic nursing duties. Due to the circumstances, his Psychology rotation was performed online in a simulation format. Traditionally, these rotations would be completed at a mental institution. 

Daniel had the privilege of working at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) for his pediatrics rotation. There, he worked in an inpatient hospital unit for pediatric patients. He explained that some patients were there prior to surgery and some after, while others were sick but did not need surgery. Daniel returned to Holy Redeemer Hospital for his maternity rotation.

“This rotation includes the labor and delivery unit, the nursery, and the post-partum unit. We rotated through each to see the process from before childbirth, to after the baby is born, and when the mother and baby are discharged home,” said Daniel.

Daniel completed his community health rotation at several locations including St. John’s Hospice, Einstein Home Health, Abington High School, and Overlook Elementary School. At St. John’s Hospice, he performed blood pressure and heartrate screenings on the shelter inhabitants. In addition, he handed out hot meals and toiletries. At Einstein Home Health, Daniel shadowed a home health nurse by going into patients’ homes to assess their conditions. In his last rotation, at Abington and Overlook, Daniel performed health support screenings for students. Specifically, he examined their height, weight, vision, depth perception, hearing, and tested for scoliosis. 

Plans for After Graduation

Over the summer, Daniel participated in an externship at Lankenau Medical Center (Main Line Health) in the emergency room. When Daniel served in the military, he did more first response and emergency medicine. He knew from his time of service that this is the path he wanted to take, and his externship further solidified this goal. Daniel wishes to get a job at Lankenau Medical Center upon graduation. After completing several years in emergency room medicine, Daniel aspires to return to school to become a nurse practitioner.