Meet Ashley Garcia

Philosophy, 2021

"I am really enjoying my Philosophy major and the logic it teaches you in preparation for law school."

GMercyU's University Studies Program

Not everyone finds their calling in high school and begins college with an exact, clear path in mind to their future career. Sometimes it takes a little exploration. GMercyU not only recognizes that, but embraces it. It’s why we created a special University Studies Program that includes personalized academic advising and workshops to help students find just the right major and career path.

Ashley Garcia began at GMercyU as a University Studies major, like nearly one-fifth of our new students. With a passion for helping others, nursing felt like a natural career path at first.

“My advisor, Alyson, helped me transfer into the Nursing Program my sophomore year,” Ashley said, “but not long after, I took a trip to visit family in Mexico and had a change of heart. I decided I wanted to eventually become an immigration lawyer and help people in that way instead, even though it would take me longer to become a lawyer than a nurse.” While she was no longer a University Studies major, Ashley turned to her former advisor for counsel.

Transferring to Philosophy (Pre-Law)

“[She] wasn’t obligated to help me a second time after I transferred out of the program into nursing, but she helped me navigate another switch because she really cared,” said Ashley. “I was anxious about changing my major again, and she was concerned about it, too, but after meeting up and hearing how passionate I was, she helped me figure out my next steps. She helped me choose my new major and minor and work out my schedule." Today, Ashley has settled into her new Philosophy major and Psychology minor, where she is thriving.

“I am really enjoying my Philosophy major and the logic it teaches you in preparation for law school,” she said. “My new advisor, Dr. Messina, is such a big help. He is already guiding me and helping me on strategies to get a good score on the LSAT.”

Ashley plans to take the LSAT this summer, ahead of her senior year. She has also joined GMercyU’s Philosophy Society, and she’s a member of the Student Government Association. She also serves as a Resident Assistant in Alexandria Hall.

“GMercyU is such a welcoming community. They care about you — Alyson, Dr. Messina, and my Residence Director. Everyone always makes the effort to help you and guide you in the right direction,” Ashley said.