Griffin Success Stories

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Melissa Russo Education Student
Melissa Russo
Education, 2018
"I graduated GMercyU on May 12 and was hired by Wissahickon School District on May 15!"
GMercyU alum Rashid Santiago
Rashid Santiago
Business Administration, 2007
“It was not unusual to eat lunch in the cafe with a professor or see a staff member attending a sports event.”
GMercyU alum Ashley Scheiber in Italy
Ashley Scheiber
English, 2012
“GMercyU’s impact on me has been very visceral. I'm more service-oriented, working on organizing service events at work, and I'm still connected with GMercyU in many ways.”
GMercyU Student Success Noelle Schillinger
Noelle Schillinger
Radiation Therapy, 2018
"Everybody here cares about you and wants you to be the best you can be. They want you to broaden out, go to different areas and really be a distinguished graduate of Gwynedd Mercy University when you leave." 
GMercyU Alum Regina Sellman Student Story
Regina Sellman
Psychology, 2012
"It was refreshing to come to a smaller team where they seemed more like a family rather than competing against each other." 
Alaina Shierk
Alaina Shierk
Biology, 2017
"What drew me the most toward GMercyU’s biology program, was their openness to other career paths students want to take with a biology degree."
Dana Smith GMercyU Success Story
Dana Smith
Business Administration, 2009
"I always feel that I have an advantage. I have a great business foundation, which helps me to continuously advance in my career."
GMercyU Education Alum Tim Smyth
Tim Smyth
Education, 2008
“GMercyU gave me the push I needed and I now encourage my own students to research their passions as a result.”
GMercyU Education Student Kelsey Timte
Kelsey Timte
Education, 2019
"I am forever grateful that I found my place at Gwynedd Mercy University and I do not see myself going anywhere but up from here."
Jenna Tucker with the owners of Eric& Christopher and the chair of SCORE Bucks County
Jenna Tucker
Business Administration, 2007
"I think learning the fundamentals of business and marketing is very useful, and having that education triggered me to want to do more in the marketing/ public relations field."
Military veteran Richard Ushka
Richard Ushka
Psychology, 2015
“It’s important to have some type of central person or organization where Veterans could feel they could go to help each other through whatever they’re going through.”
Craig Vinciguerra
Management, 2018
"During my tours at other schools, I just didn't feel like I belonged- like I wasn't at home…that is until I toured Gwynedd Mercy University."
GMercyU 2016 Commencement Speaker Sean Welch
Sean Welch
Biology, 2016
"We actually progress as we move through the program because we’re critiqued to such an extent early on that you have to be able to adapt to that change and it makes you a better person. It makes you a better student." 
Tegan Wendell
Tegan Wendell
Criminal Justice, 2014
"If I were to have given up whenever I didn’t do well on a police exam, I never would have made it to where I am now."
GMercyU Griffin Success Story Tara White
Tara White
Biology, 2010
"Not only do I now have the opportunity to teach each of these topics as an adjunct in the division I graduated from, but I have applied these basic sciences to public health."
GMercyU alum Nikki Zaffiri-Boland
Nikki Zaffiri-Boland
English, 2011
"Don't waste time trying to decide what you want to do or spend time in a career you despise. Take a chance and be spontaneous. You never know where it could lead you.”