Griffin Success Stories

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Lara Hart
Lara Hart
Biology, 2004
Owner of a private practice in Atlanta, Georgia
Respiratory Care Graduate Catharine Hay '21
Catharine Hay, RRT
Respiratory Care, 2021
Current Position: Registered Respiratory Therapist at Lehigh Valley Health Network in Adult Critical Care
Gwynedd Mercy University graduate Joanne Henkels
Joanne Henkels
Business Administration, 2012
Current Position: Senior Campus Manager at Pharmaceutical Company 
Michael Henry
History, 2012
Current Position: Physician Assistant at Chester County Hospital's Emergency Department
Occupational Therapist Leigh Herzberger '21
Leigh Herzberger
Occupational Therapy, 2021
Current Position: Occupational Therapist, Pediatric Therapeutic Services, Inc.
GMercyU Griffin Success Story Stephanie Holtz
Stephanie Holtz
Education, 2017
Current Position: Special Education Teacher in Pennsylvania
GMercyU Alum Donald Hooton at Yankee Stadium
Donald Hooton
Business Administration, 2004
Current Position: President of The Taylor Hooton Foundation
GMercyU Education Alumna Alexis Howard
Alexis Howard
Education, 2020
Current Position: Third Grade Teacher in the Abington School District
Meet BSW graduate Brian Irwin '20!
Brian Irwin
Social Work, 2020
Current Position: Master of Social Work Degree Student 
Lauren Jani
Accounting, 2022
Accounting and Finance Student
GMercyU Alum Diane Jellen
Diane Jellen
Business Administration, 1998
“We’re not here for ourselves. We’re here for a purpose, and that is to reach out to others.”
Carly Jensen
Sports Management, 2022
Sports Management Student
Social Work Major Aminah Johnson
Aminah Johnson
Social Work, 2020
"The [social work] classes I have taken made me more self-aware – my values, bias, and beliefs… it is important to have self-awareness before you enter a profession that will expose you to a lot of diversity."
Barri Johnson
Psychology, 2021
Barri Johnson ‘21 has faced quite a few challenges in her lifetime but has refused to let any of them stop her from achieving her goals. Her very first challenge: beating cancer.
GMercyU Business Alumna Toni Johnson
Toni Johnson
Business Administration, 2015
Current Position: Human Resources Consultant
GMercyU Alumni Story Simona Jusyte
Simona Jusyte
Biology, 2010
Current Position: Business Development Manager at WuXi Advanced Therapies