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GMercyU accounting student Holly McHugh
Holly McHugh
Accounting, 2019
"Professor Silvesti’s main goal is to get us a job and an internship. In the end that’s all that really matters."
GMercyU Alum Megan McKenna
Megan McKenna
Nursing, 2010
“It was such an amazing and humbling experience to meet people from different areas and use what I had learned in school to positively impact and make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.”
Megan McStravick
Human Services, 2007
 "I began to think more deeply about my career path and how to incorporate my skills, passion for helping others and learning techniques into a profession that would allow me to continue to teach."
GMercyU Education Alum Craig Metcalfe
Craig Metcalfe
Education, 2005
"You being the one to call the shots is very important.” 
GMercyU alum Kaitlyn Miller
Kaitlyn Miller
Nursing, 2015
“My first medical mission trip opened up my eyes to more possibilities of what nursing can be and what I could do to be a part of it. I 'drank the Kool-Aid' as they say, and was hooked.”
Sarah Neiman
Communication, 2018
"Coming to GMercyU expanded my horizons with endless educational professional opportunities. There’s so much more out there than what you’re used to."
GMercyU Education alum Elise Nonnenman
Elise Nonnenman
Education, 2017
"My experience in GMercyU’s Education program was undoubtedly what I believe got me a job straight out of school. Discussions held in class were integral in taking and passing both my early childhood and special education teacher certification tests on the first try."
Amanda Pirrone
Biology, 2017
GMercyU Student Channels Iggy Izalea for Final Exam
GMercyU Marketing Student Danielle Rainier
Danielle M. Rainier
Marketing, 2017
"People attend Gwynedd Mercy University for Gwynedd and for Mercy. I am definitely one of those people and will never regret my choice in choosing GMercyU as my college of choice."
Albert Rementer
Management, 2017
“Just seeing that definitely changed my whole thought process on life. Seeing how happy they were with what they had, and then I look back on the life I have and how lucky I am. I was taken aback from it.”
GMercyU alum AnaLee Rodriguez at 2014 NBA Draft
AnaLee Rodriguez
Communication, 2015
“As a freshman, I was a really shy person but always had the will to try something new to better myself. Now, I am an outgoing leader who does not shy away from challenges.”
GMercyU alum Anthony Rossi with his partner in GMercyU’s Best Buddies program.
Anthony Rossi
Marketing, 2014
“At the end of my first year I fell in love with the program and the people associated with it.”
GMercyU alum Steven Rufe
Steven Rufe
Education, 2012
“In attending Gwynedd Mercy University, I was exposed to a world outside of Gwynedd Valley and my hometown of Schwenksville.”
GMercyU alum Rashid Santiago
Rashid Santiago
Business Administration, 2007
“It was not unusual to eat lunch in the cafe with a professor or see a staff member attending a sports event.”
GMercyU alum Ashley Scheiber in Italy
Ashley Scheiber
English, 2012
“GMercyU’s impact on me has been very visceral. I'm more service-oriented, working on organizing service events at work, and I'm still connected with GMercyU in many ways.”
GMercyU Student Success Noelle Schillinger
Noelle Schillinger
Radiation Therapy, 2018
"Everybody here cares about you and wants you to be the best you can be. They want you to broaden out, go to different areas and really be a distinguished graduate of Gwynedd Mercy University when you leave."