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GMercyU Alum Diane Jellen
Diane Jellen
Business Administration, 1998
“We’re not here for ourselves. We’re here for a purpose, and that is to reach out to others.”
GMercyU Business Alumna Toni Johnson
Toni Johnson
Business Administration, 2015
“The mission of GMercyU is to give unto others and that’s what we do."
GMercyU Alums Paul Kenny and Mike Gargan
Paul Kenny
Criminal Justice, 2012
“I would say it’s the community that makes it really fun to be here. They like us being around and it’s a great relationship we have.”
GMercyU alum Meet Amy Kolesnik
Amy Kolesnik
Mathematics, 2015
“I worked with one of the most well-respected wealth management directors at Merrill Lynch, who also happens to serve on the board of trustees at GMercyU.”
GMercyU alum Lara La Sala
Lara La Sala
Accounting, 2008
"Though the spirt of mercy is what initially attracted me to GMercyU, after some time there, I realized that the quality of teaching and the close-knit sense of community I was experiencing was something I would be hard pressed to find anywhere else."
GMercyU Education Student Kelly Lare
Kelly Lare
Education, 2016
"I definitely felt that going back to college after ten years out of school was a daunting task. I felt that the online program was a great segue. I was able to completely get through all of the courses on my own time."
GMercyU Education Student Victoria Lineman
Victoria Lineman
Education, 2017
"I would definitely say that it is a family. If you want to feel a sense of belonging and importance, choose GMercyU."
Scott Little and his daughter, Victoria
Scott Little
English, 1993
"Gwynedd had given me enough experience that I loved a new challenge"
GMercyU alum and UPS driver Bill Lolio
Bill Lolio
Business Administration, 2014
“We called ourselves ‘The Weekenders.' We will be friends for the next 20 years.”
GMercyU alum Corey Lord
Corey Lord
Computer Information Science (CIS), 2004
“Having the desire every single day to truly make an impact on someone's life is exactly why it’s worth it.”
GMercyU alum Jennifer Lorine
Jennifer Lorine, DO
Biology, 2006
Compassion and service lie at the heart of Gwynedd Mercy University's mission and are the values that have stuck with Jennifer Lorine, DO '06 through her career.
GMercyU Biology Alum Elizabeth Mannino
Elizabeth Mannino
Biology, 2016
"I was quickly able to make friends that first day and  I realized people that go to Gwynedd Mercy University are very similar to me."
GMercyU Business Alum Amanda Martino
Amanda Martino
Accounting, 2016
"You know you are going to walk out a better person than when you came in."
GMercyU accounting student Jerome McArdle
Jerome McArdle
Accounting, 2016
“Being known and not simply just another number is what makes GMercyU unique.  It is nice to have personal conversations with my professors outside of the classroom instead of solely being just a student.”
Danielle McCloskey
Danielle McCloskey
Education, 2014
"The School of Education prepared me professionally, academically, and emotionally for life after college, giving me the strength, determination and passion to be whoever I desired to be."
Katherine McGuigan
Psychology, 2016
"Even though I was a commuter student, I did not want to be the student that goes to classes and not become involved.  That's why I became involved in many activities my freshman year."