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GMercyU education student Jacqlyn Gallagher
Jacqlyn Gallagher
Education, 2016
“These experiences have shaped and changed me forever by introducing and bonding me to the worldwide circle of Mercy which each GMercyU student is an integral part of.”
GMercyU Alums Paul Kenny and Mike Gargan
Mike Gargan
Criminal Justice, 2012
“I would say it’s the community that makes it really fun to be here. They like us being around and it’s a great relationship we have.”
GMercyU Student and Lacrosse Player Storm Gehrke
Storm Gehrke
Criminal Justice, 2017
"All of the factors that GMercyU has taught me throughout my four years here have led to this opportunity to have a career in the field I want."
GMercyU Education student Stephanie Webb
Amanda Gentry
Education, 2019
"I have always dreamed of becoming a teacher since I was in elementary school. GMercyU’s School of Education has made this dream a reality and has truly prepared me for my career as a professional teacher."
GMercyU Marketing Student Taylor Gerstlauer
Taylor Gerstlauer
Marketing, 2018
"The company was so impressed with my Google Analytics certification that they ended up hiring me."
GMercyU alum Michael Gioquindo
Michael Gioquindo
Criminal Justice, 2013
"I just try to take the values and things I’ve learned from GMercyU and use them every day."
GMercyU Education Alum Kiersten Gozieba
Kiersten Godzieba
Education, 2016
"I'll think of things Ms. Pierantozzi said in class to help me get through the moments where I'm stuck. It's funny how things come back to you."
GMercyU Business Student Kyle Gresh
Kyle Gresh
Accounting, 2018
"All of GMercyU’s professors take the time to truly know who I am, understand what I need to succeed, and provide guidance towards my career goals." 
Blaine Grisak GMercyU Success Story
Blaine Grisak
Communications, 2016
"It was the moment that I went on my first visit and GMercyU welcomed me with open arms that I was certain it was the place for me. It felt like home away from home."