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GMercyU alum Michael Daniels
Michael Daniels
Education, 2006
“The cool thing about GMercyU is they're not afraid to go into neighborhoods and help people.”
GMercyU Criminal Justice Grad John Davis
John Davis
Criminal Justice, 2015
Current Position: Pennsylvania State Police Officer 
Justin DeLuzio GMercyU Student Story
Justin DeLuzio
Finance, 2017
Current Position: Actuarial Analyst at Chubb
Social Work Major Carlisle Dixon
Carlisle Dixon
Social Work, 2020
"Being a small program allows the professors to assist you one-on-one and help you figure out your path. The professors work hard in teaching you all you need to know and to prep you for the real world."
GMercyU Griffin Success Story Shaun Dougherty
Shaun Dougherty
Education, 2005
"I remember one particularly salient lesson from GMercyU, and share it in every class I teach. 'You have to decide which hills are worth dying on!' This came from my first class at GMercyU and has proven true in all professional endeavors."
Respiratory therapist and GMercyU grad Omar Duggan
Omar Duggan, RRT
Respiratory Care, 2016
Current Position: Respiratory Therapist at The Brooklyn Hospital Center