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Griffin Success Story Jordan Abelson
Jordan Abelson
Biology, 2021
"Even though I still do not know where my career or educational journey may lead, I am sure I am in the perfect place to guide me."
GMercyU alum and DIY Hip Chick Beth Allen
Beth Allen
“The thing that I learned at GMercyU is the love of learning. I have been a student my whole life. I really don't think that I'm that particularly different from other people; I'm just doing it.”
Stephanie Andrewlevich
Stephanie Andrewlevich
Education, 2001
"My fight is to make sure that every child in every community is given the same starting point.” 
GMercyU basketball player Darnell Artis
Darnell Artis
Communications, 2016
“Those challenges forced me to adapt to different circumstances and become a better leader who successfully managed different player personalities.”