GMercyU Celebrates Chinese New Year

February 8, 2016
Gwynedd Mercy University Chinese New Year Celebrations
GMercyU students celebrated the Chinese New Year by receiving traditional red envelopes filled with good wishes and "lucky money."

In conjunction with its Chinese Scholars, Rose Xiao and Million Huang, Gwynedd Mercy University celebrated the Chinese New Year on Monday, February 8. 

Departments and offices across GMercyU hosted different ways to commemmorate this major holiday in Chinese culture. GMercyU's Resident Assistants prepared a presenation on Chinese New Year and is "Spreading the Fu" in the residence halls. Fu is a Chinese character meaning "fortune" or "good luck" and is often seen on entrances in Chinese homes, especially during the time of the New Year. 

The Office fo Student Activities and Leadership Programs decorated the Waldron Center with lanterns and the Academic Resource Center is also filled with decorations. The GMercyU community is welcome to pick up fortunes in the ARC throughout the week. 

The President's Office placed a table in the Dining Hall with candies and cards with a Chinese proverb related to the Works of Mercy in connection with the Year of Mercy. GMercyU's Marketing Department handed out red envelopes filled with good wishes and "lucky money" to students while Parkhurst Dining offered a special Chinese menu. 

The Spring Festival, which follows the lunar calendar, is on Feb. 8 this year and is the Year of the Monkey. 

Traditionally, the holiday is a time to honor ancestors and is the busiest travel time of the year as millions of people return to their ancestral homes. Preparations begin the week before the start of the New Year, as families clean their homes and shop for their reunion dinners, and continue through the 15th day of the New Year with the Lantern Festival. The time in between is spent visiting family and friends, giving out “lucky money” and eating special meals.