Voices of Gwynedd Spring Musicale Special Preview Concert

VOG Spring Musicale
Julia Ball Auditorium
7:30 pm

The Voices of Gwynedd Spring Musicale will celebrate the beauty of rainbows, colors, styles and genres of music.  Rainbows serve as reminders that even, and especially, if we are feeling soaked in the rain that there is something beautiful out there for us if we keep moving forward. We all need hope. We all need horizons.

Even if we consciously know that rainbows are just illusions they keep us focused on the horizon. Rainbows help us train our eyes up and out, as opposed to down and in. Believing in the future and looking at a beautiful horizon is powerful and can make all of the difference in our lives.

From the favorites, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and “The Rainbow Connection” to more classical works by Beethoven, Handel and Morricone,   The Voices will lift your hearts with a program of simply beautiful music.